Why is Rainbow Beach a special environment ?


Rainbow Beach is a special natural environment that is located in the south part of Queensland.


Rainbow Beach was originally known as Back Beach.Rainbow Beach was renamed after the coloured sand.The history of Rainbow Beach is it is a gazetted Aboriginal sacred site. Rainbow Beach has only been easily accessible since the early 1970's.

Natural Features

Rainbow Beach is special environment because of its beautiful natural features.These include the 74 different shades of sand, safe beaches and the many bright sunsets.

Man Made Features

Rainbow Beach has lots of man made features which also make it important . Within walking distance there are restaurants, hotels, carparks and parks.

How it is taken care of

Rainbow Beach is unique because of the way in which it is taken care of. The community and council take care of Rainbow Beach with great pride. By cleaning the sand people can relax. There are dedicated life guards and helpful information centres.


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By Nithmi and Dane