Little Oaks Montessori

February Newsletter

Welcome to the new year!

This month, we will focus on the human body. We'll explore our physical and emotional health and we will discuss some of the things we can do to stay healthy.

We will enjoy a visit from a local dentist who will explain the importance of dental health and the many ways we can make sure that we take good care of our teeth. This particular dentist has an amazing presentation designed especially for preschoolers. She is engaging and brings some great props with her. It is sure to be fun and informative!

We will use Valentine's Day as a vehicle to practice emotional heath by reflecting on and expressing gratitude, friendship and kindness. It is just as important to maintain our emotional well-being as it is our physical health.

We are very excited to announce a new section of the newsletter titled "Parent Resources". In this area, we will be adding some articles that provide information and resources for parents about all kinds of interesting things that relate to preschoolers! We will continually add new articles in the Parent Resource section below as we develop them over the course of the year. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Important Dates

Gymnastics: Every Monday - Pre-k Classroom

Scholastic Book Orders Due: Friday, February 12th. Online code - NKVR9

Dentist Visit - Tuesday, February 2nd

School Closure: President's Day - Monday, February 15th

Little Oaks Montessori Tax ID #47-3268049

For those of you who are getting ready to file taxes, you will need our Tax ID number.

Please call Leslie in the office and let us know if you need a year-end-statement for your tax preparation. Please be aware that because we acquired Little Oaks Montessori in March of 2015, our statements will only cover the months of March - December of 2015.

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