Quakers Unite!

The Coming of the Grid

When William Penn, a Quaker and son of King Charles II, received charter for the settlement of Pennsylvania, he envisioned an orderly development mapped to a grid. The grid was thought a security for the spread of fires between the structures and lands (Oakes, 97).

Hardworking, Serious, and Moral

No Monkey Business Here!

Our leader, William Penn, has truly embraced the values we hold dear. Our beliefs of hard work and nonviolence have carried into the New World. We are governed by fellow Quakers and have the religious freedom we so dearly fought for in England. So many of our people died in England, we now embrace values of nonviolent tendencies here in America. We enjoy the closeness of family and the camaraderie afforded with our neighbors. The term 'Quaker' and 'friend' are synonymous in our religion. We are also known as the 'Society of Friends.' The land we farm spans vast acres and the work is shared among the members of the Quaker community. Because our farms are spread so wide, the grid layout Penn envisioned developed haphazardly at best. Penn's plan was undermined by the economic pursuits of the settlers when we acquired such large tracts of land in our communities. As pacifists, our beliefs do not allow us to serve in any military. Why should we then pay for such an expense? We therefore do not. Government positions are secured by members of our fellow Quakers, and so we do not worry about imposed sanctions for not paying taxes in military defense. Love thy lord, and treat others as you wish would be done unto you. Our morals may keep us isolated from outside influence, but as we work hard and remain true to our beliefs, salvation will come.