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Happy New Year! The past year was challenging for everyone, and it's inspirational to see how our campus and our students have risen to that challenge. This issue of CONNECTED will highlight the past year, share tips and helpful information to prepare for the upcoming semester, and provide a look forward, revealing a new "face" for RaptorConnect, which is coming soon!


On Friday, January 15th, the platform's user interface will get a "face lift"! Users will notice changes to the toolbar and icons on the left side, the appointment & communication icons found at the top and a new location for the Quick Search feature.

The icons across the top are Appointment Queue, Unread Messages, and Minimized Dialogs. If there are more than 10 unread messages, you will have the option to click Show More to open the Conversations page. Continuing across the top bar, you will find the Quick Search, the Term Selector, and the Help Center. Finally, clicking on your avatar opens a menu with various options based on your role’s permissions.

The toolbar on the left is no longer red and features new icons. To expand the toolbar, click the arrow icon at the bottom of the toolbar to see the name of its respective page next to it. Note: you may not have all the same icons as shown below based on your permissions.

Welcome New, Modern Look!

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A Deeper Look at New Changes


Appointment Scheduling

In 2020, more than 24,000 appointments were scheduled using RaptorConnect, which connected more than 5,000 students to resources geared toward student success.

Using the Activity Analytics tool, users can examine their own appointment data by Location, Staff Team, Staff, Student Service, etc. These tools can help units identify service peaks and more effectively plan for service delivery. Click here for instructions on how to use the Activity Analytics tool.

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Targeted appointment campaigns direct proactive outreach to specific populations of students, enabling advisors to maximize their efforts and affect positive outcomes. In addition, internal research has found that students are twice as likely to schedule an appointment when invited via campaign compared to a more generic email to schedule an appointment.

An example of an effective campaign is CCAS Academic Advising's Spring 2021 Registration Campaigns. In November, invitations to make appointments with their assigned advisors were sent to 521 CCAS students. Of those who responded to the campaign and met with their advisor, 89% successfully registered for Spring courses!

In 2020, 109 appointment campaigns were launched, more than 5,000 students reached and 3,000 appointments made. Campaigns are effective and easy to deploy. Click here to access the Targeted Campaign Toolkit.

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Academic Progress Reporting

The goal for Academic Progress Reporting is to help students improve their academic performance. By providing instructors the opportunity to give feedback to students early enough in the semester, students are able to seek help and make adjustments to effect positive academic outcomes. While we work to analyze the impact progress reporting has on final grades, below highlights key metrics for progress reporting.


Update Appointment Availability & Prepare Outlook Calendar

If students schedule appointments with you through RaptorConnect, remember to update your availability for the upcoming semester. Also, it is best to use your Outlook calendar to plan ahead, blocking off days/times for campus holidays, scheduled time-off, and needed administrative time. Times marked as "Busy" in Outlook will be removed from the student scheduler.

IMPORTANT: If you use recurring appointments on your Outlook calendar, check to be sure that an end date is listed. Otherwise, the calendar sync data may get "stale" and not show as "Busy" in RaptorConnect. A good practice is to update recurring appointments each semester.

Review Your Open Cases

Open the case file located on the side tool bar and review cases that remain open. Update comments, close case if intervention is complete, or assign to a new case owner.

Update Cohort Lists

Remember to provide the Registrar's Office with any changes to student cohort information (i.e. Honors, Athletics, EOF), both additions and removals. Changes made to a student’s university record will appear in RaptorConnect the following day.

Resource Center

Request New User Access / Change User Access Form

Please use this form to request or change access to RaptorConnect. After your supervisor’s approval for access, new users must review and agree to follow FERPA guidelines for accessing student data before they will be able to access the system.

How to Thrive During Peak Advising Times Webinar

The Education Advisory Board (EAB) is the parent company for RaptorConnect. As a member of EAB, Rutgers Camden Faculty & Staff are invited to utilize EAB's extensive library of higher education research and resources. To access EAB’s research and resources, you must Click here to create an account.

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