Laila PYP exhibition reflection

week one.

On the first week of exhibition we thought of our central idea which was All humans have the right to be treated fairly, followed by our lines of inquiry which were

  • The effect of low salary and poor working conditions
  • Labourers rights and laws
  • labourers leaving their home country

The last thing we worked on during this week were concept question we had to have three question for each line of inquiry. We had 9 questions in total.

Overall the first week was very exciting and got us into exhibition mode.

Week 2

On the second week of exhibition we started researching about our concept question and started thinking of a way to present our findings .

It was hard because we could not find most of the information that we needed on the internet, we had to think of a solution so we decided to make a questionnaire and ask labourers we did not do it on that week but we decided to do it when we do our action.

week 3

On the third week of exhibition we started planning and thinking of our action ,

our first idea was to go to a ladies labour cap that Mrs.Doshi knew about but when we called them to ask they told us that they had closed down , that did not work so we had to think of another idea my group and i thought why don't we go to the labour camp that the cleaners in our school stay at but when we asked for permission the manager refused. Our last idea that we had and hoped would work was to make toiletry bags and give them to the cleaners in our school but before we give it to them we would ask them a couple of questions to answer, we got permission from Mr. Roth and our teachers and they approved our action, we had to think of one more thing, and that was how do we get the toiletries that we need we thought of writing notes and giving them to teachers to ask if they could help us collect toiletries and that is what we did we left collection boxes in the staff rooms and we are waiting to see if it will work, we are going to make the bags on Monday the second of May but our action is taking place on Tuesday the third of May.

It was hard thinking of our action but we did it

Week 4

During the 4 week of exhibition our action took place luckily our action was successful as we managed to collect the right amount of toiletries to put in the toiletry bags, thanks to the teachers in our school. On the day of our action which was Wednesday the fourth of may we managed to distribute the bags to all the cleaners in the school and ask them questions for our survey. The smile on their faces made me very happy.