Laminar Vs. Turbulent Flow

By: Anuj Gandhi

Types Of Flow

There are two types of flow; Laminar & Turbulent flow. The types of flow are used to determine how a fluid interacts with the body that is moving through it. Knowing the two types of flow can save you money and time.

Laminar Flow

Laminar flow is a flow in which the fluid flows smoothly around the vehicle causing little or no eddies. Laminar flow requires a body with an aerodynamic shape and soft edges so that the air can fluently and easily go past the body going through it, causing it to cut through the fluid. A good example of an aerodynamic structure is a stealth bomber.

Turbulent Flow

Turbulent flow is a flow in which a fluid is unable to travel smoothly past the body going through it, due to its rough structure and sharp edges. It can cause many eddies which can disturb the speed of the body and also (if a vehicle) waste fuel. A good example of a structure that is not aerodynamic is a bus.

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