Gilbert's potoroo

By Olivia. M

A Gilbert's Potoroo is an Australian mammal.

The Gilbert's potoroo's scientific name is potorous Gillbertii . It is mainly found in healthlands and eastern and southern parts of Australia.

A Gilbert's potoroo has gray fur, a smooth tail, short round ears, long black legs and long slightly curled claws. they eat plants, flowers, truffles , roots , seed and berries . A Gibbet's potoroo praetors and threats are Quolls , foxes , dingos , owls , cutting down trees and fires.

A Gilberts potoroo reproduction it like this. It takes 6-8 weeks after they mate . A baby potoroo stays in its pouch . did you know that they leave there mums nad dad at 8-11 months.

The Giberts potoroo is critically endangered . Governments are trying to save them.