The Internet has shaped the us

By Brad Hessel and Andrew Thornton

What is the Internet?

Well if you've been locked in your basement for the past 5 years then you'd still know about the amazing life changing thing called the Internet. The Internet is essential to some people's lives. The richest man in America created the system to access the Internet. The Internet has shaped the world as we know it.
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Who? What? When? Where? Why?


There is no definite creator of the Internet. It wasn't created by one man, but rather many many people over time. It's inception was on May 1st 1961 by Leonard Kleinrock. He was thinking about an easy way to make global communication through a large network for the military. Basically a safe way to transport informaion through the military. Being in the Cold War era, this was extremely useful.


Global network full of purpose and creation


1961-end of time




Why not? :)

Entertainment on the Internet

Entertainment is the internet's most common purpose
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Education on the Internet

Provides an easier, cheaper form of learning for people that don't have time or lack sufficient funds
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Information on the internet

Provides easy access to information without using an encyclopedia
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