A Peek at Our Week

Mrs. Janich's 1st Grade

Notes from the Teacher

Important Dates and Notes

3-23 Falcon Frenzy & End of 3rd Quarter & BEACH DAY!!

3-24 to 4-3 No School- SPRING BREAK

4-5 Report cards online

4-15 Children's Theater Field Trip- Winnie the Pooh

4-20 McTeacher Night 4:00pm

4-22 Grandparents Day

4-29 Falcon Frenzy

5-5 Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

5-18 to 5-20 Spring Book Fair

5-19 Ice cream social/year book signing

5-20 Falcon Frenzy

5-30 No School- Memorial Day

5-31 All School Walk

6-2 Last Day of School- Field Day & Awards


Unit 7- Using Inferences to Make Predictions

When we get back from spring break, we will begin Unit 7. In Unit 7, readers make educated guesses, or predictions, about what will happen next in a story by using clues (fiction) and evidence (nonfiction) and what they know. Making predictions helps readers make sense of a text and build interest as they read. Making predictions encourages readers to keep reading to find out if what they think, or predict, will happen does happen.


Module 3- Putting Shapes Together & Taking Them Apart

Next week, we will end Module 3 with our Unit 5 test. When we get back from break, we will begin Module 4. In this short module, students synthesize some of the things they have learned about two‑dimensional shapes over the past few weeks. Keying in on the defining attributes of the shapes, students sort them to solve mysteries and generate graphs. The activities in this module facilitate the development of general problem-solving skills such as brainstorming, breaking situations into smaller parts, and using the process of elimination.

Spelling Words

No spelling words next week!

We will get some extra practice with syllables during our short week.