Demonstraction plan - Rich Task

Sena Asik @ Cooksville Creek Public school


Monday, June 15th

Time of Demo:

10:00 a.m @ 5100 Salishan Circle, Mississauga, ON

Description of Activity: science activity with Sk students

This lesson will include further knowledge and understanding for the SK students in all subjects. We will go through Reading, writing, math and science. first we will go over our vocabulary words that we will be using just so it is more clear to the students when I'm asking them questions. secondly we will read a book about bugs and they're life styles, this book will give students further understanding about bugs which they will need for the sorting activity they will be doing the rest of the rest of the week. lastly we will play a game that will teach sk's about the different type bugs/insects in our community.


I have chosen to do these tasks because they are a very good example of my daily routines at my placement. I specifically chose this lesson because its an excellent way to get a group of students to participate all at once. I'm hoping this activity will show the importance of my position at Cooksville Creek.

Details of the Activity:

1. go over vocabulary words with students.

2. read a story to the class.

3. ask students critical thinking questions.

4 explain the game to sk students.

5. play game with sk students.

6. assist students during activity.

Required Materials:


-vocabulary list


-game mat

Special Instructions For Teacher:


Approved Date, Time & activity




Signature of Placement Supervisor