Project 8 Final Reflections

Claire Hamilton

Application of Technology

While taking the course, Technology in the Classroom, I have discovered and explored several new websites that can be incorporated into any classroom. Each project lead to the discovery of a new, exciting website and forced me to dust off the portion of the brain where my creativity lives.

List of my new tools:

Suggestions for Improvement

I don't think the peer evaluations are as effective as they are meant to be. I think that as students we are worried about offending our classmates and that inhibits our ability to give an honest, in-depth evaluation. Another reason for this could also be that students feel rushed while trying to complete the evals. Maybe if the students had 1-2 days to complete the evaluations then maybe the feedback would be more thorough.

Implications of Using Technology in the Classroom


1. Technology provides teachers with thousands of options when it comes to lesson planning.

2. Technology, if used properly, can engage students in learning.

3. Students can find information on any topic through the internet.


1. Technology does not always work the way we had planned.

2. The use of technology in the classroom, especially computers, can make it more difficult for the teacher to ensure that the students are remaining on task.

3. Research has suggested that technology may have profound effects on our memory (particularly the short-term, or working, memory).

Final Thoughts

This class was definitely a challenge for me, but it was a new kind of challenge. It was a challenge because I had to step outside of my comfort zone and try new things. I knew that I was able to write a paper. I knew I was able to memorize some facts and regurgitate them for a test. I didn't know that I was able to create a treasure hunt on something called symbaloo, or create an interactive lesson on glogster. At the beginning of this semester symbaloo, glog, prezi, tackk and piktochart were all just nonsense words to me. Now these are all valuable teaching tools that spark my creativity and excitement.

Now that I look back I am not sure what my expectations were for this class. The name of the course let me know that the class involved the use of technology as a teacher. I did not expect this course to reignite my creativity and provide me with new ideas and tools to use in the future as a student and a teacher.