The Story of Gandi

By:Patricia rabb

I believe gandi was a good man.He was the father of India.Of course he lived in India. He got married at age 13.He was shot 3 times in the chest.He was assassinated at an old age he was siting in a chair.

Who is Gandi?

Gandi is the father of India.At the age 18 he was accepted with agreement.He was married at age 13.He cared about him and others.I wonder where he lived?

Where Did He Live?

Did Gandhi live in Asia,South Carolina,or Africa? I know! I know! He lives in Aida in a house. I wonder if he lived in a Manichean? Gandhi lived in India a long time ago.I wonder who killed him?

Who Killed Him And How?

January,30,1984 Gandhi was on his way to a meeting. Natharam Godes shot him in the chest 3 times. His family said even some people tried to find Natharam Godes to hang him.Even some watched out for him and was scared. His mom cared about him.

Gandhi was named father of India.he was marred at age 13.He lived in India with his mom. he was shot in the chest 3 times by Namaranth Goeds. He had a wife at 13 years old.