Harry Wong

Classroom Mgmt Theorist

Main Focus of his Work

Strategies to ensure that there are not problems with classroom management

Ideas behind his Theories

1. Clarifying expectations for everyone that is in the classroom, which include the students and the teacher.

2. Keeping an organized classroom.

3. The importance of building relationships with students.

Harry and Rosemary Wong

Harry and his wife are both experienced teachers who have published several collections of classroom strategies to help teachers in several situations. Harry has taught middle school and high school science. Rosemary has taught K-8 as well as working as a media coordinator and student activity director.

Harry Wong's Biography

Harry was born in San Francisco, CA. He has taught middle school and high school language arts. He has been awarded the Outstanding Secondary Teacher Award, the Science Teacher Achievement Recognition Award, the Outstanding Biology Teacher Award, and the Valley Forge Teacher’s Medal. Harry is one of the most famous speakers for education and many people seek to be present for one of his speeches.

One of the things that he has often been called is “Mr. Practicality.” He has been given this name because he often uses his common sense when making decisions in the classroom. He also seems to be able to relate to educators very easily. His strategies for successful classroom management are of no-cost to educators.

Nearly half-million teachers have heard Harry speak and he is continuously booked to make appearances. Him and his wife publish a monthly column for teachers.net so that other people can hear their messages since he is booked for 2 years.

Harry and his wife have created their own publishing company and Rosemary is the CEO. The Wongs have also written the best selling self-published book in education "The First Days of School." Over 2 million copies of this book have been sold.

There is a video series that they have created called The Effective Teacher. They have won an award for it being the best staff development video in the last twenty years.

The book and video are great tools to use together to use for staff development of effective teachers.