Sit- In's

By: Reyna, Ben, Bronson, and Kelly

What led to this event?

In 1960 (during the Civil RightsMovment) a nonviolent african american named Martin Luther King Jr. strived to help African Americans be treated equal. His goal was for African Americans to be able to be served at any public restraunt. This led to a new peacful tactic...

The First Sit-In

On February 1,1960 four African American college students walked up to a whites-only lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina and asked for coffee. They refused to serve them, so the students sat patiently and waited. Although many people threatned them the students did not move.

What happened afterwards...


When African Americans would use the Sit-In technique Whites would use physical contact to get them to stop but the African Americans would just accept the punishment.


After this event took place African American studnets from the North and South came together and formed groups who supported sit-in such as (SNCC) Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee and (CORE) Congress on Racial Equality. Other minority groups were not affected by this act.
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The goal of Sit-ins was to ban segregation. Restaurants throuhgout the South began to abandon their policies of segregation, this led to the idea of African Americans being equal to Whites. So all-in-all Sit-ins helped achieve the goal of segregation being eliminated.
Woolworth Lunch Counter