Amazing Race

By Kyla Odom 7th period

Task 1 -A Walk in the Garden

At the Garden of Five Senses in Delhi India, you have to find a fake flower sculpture.You will have 7 hrs to complete this task. If you fail you will have extra time.There will be many sculptures so make sure you find the FAKE one. Good Luck!

Task 2 - Don't Stop Till You Reach the Top

In Cairo Egypt ,you have to walk up the stairs to the top of Cairo Tower 1x. If you fail you can take the elevator to the second floor.Keep in mind that this building is 90 floors tall. You will have 3hrs and 30min to finish. You can only take ONE break.

Task 3- Gold Diggers

In Melbourne Victoria on St.Kelda Beach, you have to find 100 bags of gold barried in the sand.If you fail you have to find one less bag.You will gave 24hrs to finish.There will be fake bags of gold.

Los Angeles, California (start)

LA is a place people go to make it big. Art is major in La. Its full of celebrities and wannabes. It has many beaches including a man-made beach as well. LA is mainly about city life

Salvador , Brazil

In Salvador Brazil it's very fast. Often there's colorful festivals. Africans have maintained their heritage very well here.
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Delhi , India

Delhi is a magical and mysterious place full of mayhem. Its filled with relics of lost empires.Modern Delhi is Medival themed.


In the U.K many ancient buildings still stand. In some parts of London its really proper and in others its almost the same as the U.S.
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Cairo, Egypt

In Cairo there is over 22million habitants! There is still a few pyramids standing in Cairo. There is not a lot of grass at all in Cairo.

Melbourne, Victoria

Melbourne is bursting with stylish art. Sports play an important part in Australia history. Its a modern place. Overall its a modern place.

Dallas ,Texas (finish)

Dallas Is a fast moving city. Everyday new things are built. Dallas is famous for the Cowboys and the State Fair of Texas. In Dallas people are caring toward one another.