Three Musketeers

D.Callaham 4th

Purpose Of The Writing Portfolio

I did this online portfolio for english class because its much easier than to do things on paper. You can share your work with the friends, teachers, & even the world. It will benefit me alot because, I don't have to worry about things being erased or being destroyed. Also I can you use online portfolios for any of my classes. It will help me with organization and help me be responsible for my work.


My name is D'Artagnan, my name came from the "Three Muskteers". I like to talk & laugh. English is my 2nd favorite subject.

Reflextion Of Persuasive Essay

My essay was called 110% it was an award for people who never gave up. My strengths are: grammar, punctuations, and spelling. My weaknesses are: staying on topic, introduction, and conclusions. I like how we got to make up our own award and we got to say a thank you speech. I would have changed how I wrote my essay and be more into detailed.

6 word Memoir

"I always forgive, but never forget."

Sun/Shadow Sentence

"I am like 5 because i'm always in the middle."

Favorite Qoutes/Response


"If you have love, you don't need anything else. If you don't have it, it doesn't matter what else you have." ~Sir James M. Barrie

Response: I disagree because you need other people you can depend on in life not just that person you loved.

God/Goddesses essay: ATHENA

Name:D'Artagnan Callaham

Date: 12/11/13

Block: 4th

There are many Greek Goddesses but only one of them can have the wisdom, skills, and war. It wouldn’t be right if one wasn’t different. Athena means “The Goddess of Wisdom & Useful Arts”. Athena is one of the many goddesses that have got a gift that no other goddess has. Athena taught mankind various skills such as agricultural to women. The Government of Greece should rename me, D. Callaham as Athena because I have the best skills that many people could ever ask for and I have a lot of wisdom.

The government should name Athena because I have the skills & wisdom. By renaming me Athena I could show everyone the skills I have such as, Motivating personal goals, social skills, and also emotional awareness. Also by being named Athena I can also show people I have wisdom. However, being named Athena come a big responsibility; you have to prove to everybody that you can take on the challenges that Athena took on to earn the name Athena. Although wise and thoughtful, Athena is no shy maiden. Wisdom can be portrayed as anything and anyone can have it but the right person can only show the true meaning of wisdom, and I can be that person. You can always find a person with the best skills and the right amount of wisdom.

The second reason the government should let me change my name to Athena is because the use of arts I can portray. With portraying my useful arts people can know my mood and my life. Also by using my arts it can represent my role of being named by a goddess which role represents warfare. Using classical arts is highly usual for a female deity, that’s why I would like to change my name because I can show people that it’s not unusual for females to portray classical art. Although, by being named Athena people would expect for me too really earn the name though I won’t ruin the name Athena. However, by portraying my useful of arts also lets people know what type of person I am and what I can be.

I would be honored to be named Athena because I can show people my real character, but I will also show the people and myself that I can believe in myself and carry the name Athena very well. Many people believe that you always have to have a name that fits you and your personality, which you don’t. They might also think that being able to use your wisdom and skills you will have to be a very smart person which is not the case. I’ve loved to be named Athena because it’s a cute name and I can be loyal to the name and also make the name well-known. There is no one else that can take the name Athena but me.

Biopoem 2/3/14

Antigone Biopoem


I am brave, bold, ignorant, & loyal

I am the sister of Ismene & Polynecies & wife of Haimon

Lover of Haimon

Who feels protected family

Who needs protection

Who fears death

Who gives loyalty

Resident of Thebes

School uniform Essay

Name: D’Artagnan Callaham

Date: 12/13/13


Have you ever wondered why schools should not adopt uniforms? Many people have their own opinions of why uniforms should not be enforced at public schools. Henrico County Public Schools should not consider adopting school uniforms because it decreases how people can express their individuality and ruins Christmas.

First, Henrico County Public Schools should not consider adopting uniforms because it decreases how people can express their individuality. Once you wear uniforms the children will not be able to express their personality like they want to. However, they may have consequences for the things they wear at least they can express who they really are. Not only will they have consequences, but you will not be able to express yourself the way you want. Henrico County Public Schools should not consider adopting uniform because it decreases availability to your individuality.

Second, Henrico County Public Schools should not consider adopting uniforms because it ruins Christmas for the children. Having uniforms ruins a child’s Christmas by not having a lot of clothing they would like to wear. Although, the kids will have other items they’ll like, but they will have the same outfit each year. Even though you will get uniforms for Christmas you can find outfits that you’ll like to wear outside of school. Henrico County Public Schools should not consider adopting uniforms because it ruins Christmas.

In conclusion, school uniforms decreases individuality and ruins Christmas, Henrico County Public Schools should not adopt school uniforms. However, some people say by wearing school uniforms it decrease the cost of clothing, but there are other forms of expressions.

Reflection of School Uniforms persuasive essay

First, I believe I did well on brainstorming my topics which gave me ideas of what I wanted to talk about during my essay. Although, I think I did a pretty good job on my essay I still needed to work on my punctuation and my annotation. School Uniforms is my favorite essay because, I got to express how I felt about schools not be able to consider wearing uniforms and my personal experiences.