Step Up Into Grade 6

March 14-18

Important Events

Tuesday, March 15: Social Studies Test

Friday, March 18: Math Unit Test

Friday, March 18: Activity Night

This week in math

Monday: Polygons on the Coordinate Plane

Tuesday: inquiry Lab: Area of Irregular Figures

Wednesday: Area of Composite Figures

Thursday: Review

Friday: Area Test

If you need to contact your math teacher, please email at Trish Alexander, Coleman Lee, Angela Lipscomb, or Laura Williams

This week in science

Students will be working geological dating, fossils, and tectonic plate movement .

Monday: Evidence of Pangea and continental drift

Tuesday: Convection in the mantle, why did the plates move

Wednesday: Fossil web quest

Thursday: Finish fossil web quest and look at examples of fossils.

Friday: Learn about plate boundaries and what occurs at plate boundaries when plates move.

Question to ask your child about what they are learning in science

What is Pangea?

What evidence is there of Pangea?

How are fossils made?

What are the types of fossils?

Book log-in information--

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If you need to email your science teacher please click on the link: Lucy Shrout or Angela Lipscomb.


We have concluded our India Unit in social studies. Students will have the study guide this weekend to look over. On Monday we will play some fun review games and the test is on Tuesday. Up next is China! We might just learn how to eat with chop sticks :)

Monday - India Unit study guide review

Tuesday- India Unit Test today! Assignment: Chapter 19 preview

Wednesday- Geography of China poster

Thursday- Geography of China continued

Friday- Your name in Chinese water color!

Social Studies Tutoring is provided Mon-Thursday until 4:15 for any student needing help on a project, or an assignment.

If you need to email your Social Studies teacher, please click on the link: Heather Yates, Jeremiah Hoskins

This Week in ELA

We will be starting our analytical essays on helping our community. Vocabulary, summarizing, and paraphrasing are the focus this week as we read. We will work with reinforcing reading skills in guided reading using Newsela, and we will work on our note taking skills in writing. Grammar this week will focus on complete sentences and transition words with punctuation.

Monday - MAP practice

Tuesday- Analytical essay

Wednesday- Note taking

Thursday- Analytical essay

Friday- Pre-test on summarizing

Homework is reading 30 minutes per night or more recorded in the reading log, and any work not completed in class. For parents whose students use Google Classroom, you can check out your child's progress on assignments through the week by opening the classroom page. Thank you for all your support with improving reading through practice!

If you need to email your ELA Teacher, please click on the link: Nathan Tramel, Wendy Ford, Josh Howard, Jeremiah Hoskins