Stormy Hendrix

My Raise

Since day one I have come in on time every day ready to work and willing to learn.

· I come in and change and take out all the trash

· Clean the waiting room

· Restock all snacks and drinks

· Clean the restrooms if necessary

· Then start my day by checking emails to see if I have any scheduled pick up or deliveries and plan accordingly

· I am in charge of all pick up and deliveries

· I have learned how to do estimates and put in labor for basic jobs

· I handle guest concerns and answer phones and have great guest service skills

I have been a great asset to this company with my willingness to take on more

responsibility, I want to grow in and move up in this company. I take the initiative to

do the things that need to be done without being told. i am asking to make $12.00 hr.

I am still learning every day and I believed I have proven myself through my actions

and willingness to progress in the short time that I have been employed. I will

continue to prove why I am deserving of a raise.

Thank You