Earthquakes And Volcanoes

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Do you ever want to know about any of these places? Well here some facts that we have researched. We’ll tell you the history of the places we have listed either volcanoes or earthquakes we give facts about history magnitude and more so read on in our article.

Shaanxi, China

Shaanxi, China sits about right in the middle of China. The name Shaanxi means “mountain west.” Shaanxi is just east from the Yellow River. Its capital is Taiyuan City. It has a very big population of 37,327,378. Shaanxi has a lot of history to it. What you would expect when you go there is a lot of cultural sits. The transportation is really no different than it is here. Shaanxi, China is mainly known for an earthquake that happened on the morning of January 23, 1556.

How it happened

Although Shaanxi doesn’t sit on any plate tectonics it does sit on many fault lines. A normal fault line caused the earthquake. A normal fault is the hanging wall moves downwards to the footwall. Fractures are movement of two tectonic plates of the earth’s crust.

About the dangerous City.

The earthquake was huge. Killing about 60% of the population, it is one of the deadliest earthquakes on record. It killed about 830,000 people, and leaving many injured. Shaanxi has experienced on of the biggest earthquakes ever recorded. It sits right on a major fault line. Records that still exist say that it was felt over a 520-mile radius and almost ¾ of the population around the area was gone. It was recorded as over an 8 on the Richter Scale. China has earthquakes that happen all the time. China has had a record for earthquakes for the past 200 years. Everyone rates typically around a 5 or 8 on the Richter Scale. These facts make the people that live in Shaanxi, China very cautious.

Assam Earthquakes- Tibet


Assam’s landscape with tea gardens and unending stretches of paddy fields interspersed with groves of coconut, areca nuts,and banana trees. Different races and tribes like the Austrics, the Aryans, Negroids, Indo-Burmese, Indo-Tibetans, and Mongoloid all live here. Population 31,169,272 in rural areas. There are lots of jobs you can find in assam like area sales manager, engineer, manager sales and marketing, and mechanic there much more those are just a few named.

Plate Boundaries

Earthquakes in India are caused by the collision of the Indian Plate with the Eurasian Plate in the north. Every year the Indian Plate moves roughly 5 centimeters northward, pushing under the Eurasian Plate and forming the Himalayas and other great mountain chains in the northern part of the Indian peninsula.


Assam has experienced some history with two major earthquakes of magnitude 8.7 occurred in 1897 and magnitude 8.6 in 1950 causing large scale damage of lives and properties in this region. Those are just the major ones that have happened. 9 Earthquakes from 1918-1988 have occurred that not including before that time period. Assam doesn’t have any volcanic activity in the area though.

Port Au Prince, Haiti

Haiti has a rich agriculture, and is very multi-cultural as well. Haiti has lots of farming,
and a few large cities, but as mentioned before, some of the only things grown here are coffee
beans, and sugar cane. People live in this area generally because of the farming, even though
there are many hardships they must face every day, such as. Almost all of the cities don’t have
a sewage system, the country is on an island susceptible to hurricanes, and worst of all, it is also
on some very active fault lines.

The name of one of these fault lines is the Enriquillo Fault, this was not the fault that
caused the 2009 earthquake in Haiti, the Fault line that caused that was unknown at the time,
but now researchers are looking into that fault line, and researching about it. Port Au Prince
was greatly affected by this earthquake, and is susceptible to another like it soon, so why do
the people stay here?

Some researchers believe it is because they love their homeland too much to just
abandon it because of earthquake hazards. Others believe it is because the people didn’t realize
how serious it was until the 2009 earthquake, which the Haitian government estimated at, had
killed over 316,000 people. Over 3 million were actually affected by the earthquake.

Honshu, Japan

The location for Honshu is in East Asia. Honshu is the largest island of
Japan. Honshu had a population of 103 million in the year of 2005. This
place is full of roaming streets, cars, people, and everything else you
can imagine. This place almost never sleeps. Which means people are
always up and driving the streets. Honshu has a great economy along
the northwestern coast. The northwestern coast is located by the Sea
of Japan, which has a large variety of fish. The Sea of Japan has a large
fishing agriculture and activities. Honshu has a great agriculture and
large variety of vegetables. Some of the vegetables that are grown are
rice, other grains, cotton, and fruits. This place is also known for having a very huge part of the
island with the best tea, silk, and many others. Other things include electronics, chemical,
metallurgical, and textile industries.

For Honshu’s plate boundaries, it’s on the pacific plate and
is the area were subduction zones occur. This place is right
in the middle where the plates are converging and this
creates tectonic activity. As one plate compresses under
another, it creates compression and creates an earthquake.
It also sits on the convergent plate boundary. Honshu
Japan also lies over the North American Plate, the Eurasian
Plate, the Philippine Sea Plate, and the Pacific plate. These
also create tectonic activity by the subduction zones. This
place is located south of Hokkaido and across the Tsugaru
Strait. Honshu is also north of Shikoku, which is located
across the Kanmon Strait. Honshu Japan has a lot of plate
boundary and tectonic plate activity and causes a lot of

Mountainous and volcanic activity for Honshu has a lot of experience of that kind of
activity. It also has frequent earthquakes. Honshu also has very dangerous earthquakes, such as
the Great Kantō earthquake. The Honshu Japan earthquake killed 15,703 people and it rated a
9.0 for magnitude. This earthquake heavily damaged Tokyo in September 1923. Earthquakes
occur very frequently in this area. Some of the earthquakes are very large, and some are just a
little vibration for the plates shifting. These statistics make Honshu Japan, a dangerous place to

live due to all the frequent earthquakes. Local residents should be very cautious of where there
whereabouts are in Honshu Japan.


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So, in conclusion if you are thinking about or are living in one of these areas. Take all of these tectonic problems into consideration. thank you for your time.