A Christmas Carol

Abby Waddell

Stave 1


Scrooge is a very greedy man.

Scrooge is a mean man.

Scrooge is an old grumpy man.


Fred is a very caring guy.

He is very joyful.

Fred is also very generous.

Ghost of Marley

The ghost was dead.

The ghost was transparent.

The ghost was scary.

Bob Crachit

Bob is very poor.

Bob is hardworking.

Bob is patient because he has to work for Scrooge.

Stave 2

Ghost of Christmas Past

With the Ghost of Christmas Past, it takes Scrooge back to see his past. It shows him as a boy sitting alone. He is reading alone. Also it shows him how his sister and dad were nice. His sister was kindhearted. His sister died, and Scrooge's nephew Fred, is her son. Also the ghost shows Scrooge working for Mr. Fezziwig. He is preparing a party, and he is excited about the holidays and the party. Then the ghost shows him his ex-fiancée. She has children now with her husband, and they are all happy when Scrooge is working alone, not happy.

Stave 3

Ghost of Christmas Present

The Ghost of Christmas Present is a giant dressed in a green robe. This ghost shows how people are celebrating Christmas now. The ghost shows Scrooge that the Crachit's are happy about the holiday even though they are very poor. Scrooge also sees how Tiny Tim is going to die in the future unless something changes, and he is still happy about the holidays. The ghosts also shows two "mans" under his robe. The boy is ignorance, and the girl is want. The ghost tells Scrooge to beware of the two.

Stave 4

Ghost of Christmas Future

The Ghost of Christmas Future takes Scrooge to places he doesn't know of. This ghost doesn't show it's face, and doesn't talk. It just points to things. This ghost shows someone who has died, and he wasn't very popular. Scrooge sees poor people, taking things from this dead man. Then Scrooge goes to Bob Crachit's house, and he sees them preparing a funeral for Tiny Tim who has died. Then Scrooge realizes the mysterious dead man is him. He is now scared, and he begs and promises that he will change.

Stave 5

Summary of A Christmas Carol

Scrooge wakes up wondering what day it is, and what time it is. He is wondering if he still has time before Christmas. He asks a little boy what day it is, and the boy tells him it is Christmas day. He is relieved that Christmas hasn't passed. He goes to his nephew's party, and he enjoys it. When Scrooge goes to work, he tells Bob that he will raise his salary, and Bob is really surprised. Scrooge ends up changing, and he loves who he is now.