Purposes Of Government

By : Savannah Hymas

A More Perfect Union


- In 1781, the Constitution was written to provide a more solid Union among the states.

- The 13 colonies came together to make the constitution.

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Establish Justice

- The law in both content and administration must be reasonable, fair and impartial.

- Martin Luther King, assuring civil rights for all people no matter their race.

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Insure Domestic Tranquility

- The well-being of any society, and keeping peace at home is a prime function of government.

- Making sure the country is peaceful, the Patriotic Act.

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Provide For The Common Defense

- Defending the nation against foreign enemies is one of the governments major duties.

- Having a strong military, The US military.

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Promote The General Walfare

- Providing services that benefit all or most people is another role of government.

- Public Education, Health Care, and Environmental Protection Agency.

Secure The Blessings of Liberty

- Protect the liberties of our people.

- The right to a free trial.

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