Hertford County

John Lewis

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Hertford County, Established in 1759.

Hertford is located in the Coastal Plain Region of North Carolina. County was named after the town of Hertford, England. After it was established as a county over 250 years ago. In this County, there are 5 members in The Board of Commissioners.

Hertford´s location and involvement in NC.

Hertford is bordered by many counties, some even from its neighboring northern state of Virginia. These counties include, North Hampton and South Hampton of Virginia. Also, Bertie, Gates, and Chowan County are its local neighbors.

Atrractions and Landmarks in Hertford.

One of many natural elections in Hertford include The Perquimans River, and the beautiful banks of the Roanoke River. Tourists are also brought here by many historical figure involvement and historic towns. Richard Gatling, The inventor of the Machine Gun, was born in the country side of Murfeesboro, NC. Tourists are also very fond of Shaw University, one of many campuses established in NC´s early development.

Winton, NC

Winton is Hertford County´s County Seat. Some of the attractions are this is where some of the most important decisions are made. The Mayor of Winton is Tiffany M. Lewis, and the county manager is Will Liverman. There are 6 members in The City Council.