HOW2Learn comes alive at Tolland PS

The little green frog went glump!

Learning together at Tolland PS

Collaboration is the key to learning at Tolland PS. We are all trying to strengthen our approach ability to build learning capacity for ourselves and our students.

Learning to learn - Guy Claxton

Guy Claxton's notion of learnacy means we need to be getting students ready for the tests of life rather than a life of tests. He urges educators to think of learning to learn like working your muscles in the gym. We need to view the learning process as hard and understand that when learning is hard, we are challenged and feel alive with the prospect of learning something new. Like muscles, habits of learning get stronger when we practise making them stronger. As teachers we need to explicitly teach habits of learning so our students become more aware of what helps them know what to do when they don't know what to do.

Melbourne Declaration - Preamble

Building a democratic, equitable and just society is pivotal to Australia's future. Our educational goals are for students to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens. Aiming for excellence, cohesion and engagement in schools are key to our success as educators. The integration of ICT into our teaching and learning activities will support students to build the skills they will need in the 21st century. Collaboration across all levels of government will help ensure that these goals are met.