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St. Gabriel School ............. January 31, 2016

Developing our God-given souls, minds, talents and gifts .......................................... as servant leaders .......................................... in the community of the Body of Christ.

That's the St. Gabriel Advantage ...

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Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sacred Scripture 1 COR 13:13

So faith, hope, love remain, these three;
but the greatest of these is love.

Message of Mercy

To Give One's Life

Jesus says something remarkable to us: “Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” Love always takes this path: to give one’s life. To live life as a gift, a gift to be given – not a treasure to be stored away.

— Homily, Domus Santae Marthae, May 14, 2013


What kind of a friend are you? Are you willing to lay down your life for your friends?

The message of mercy and reflection material is generously provided by Our Sunday Visitor, publisher of A Year of Mercy With Pope Francis: Daily Reflections.

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We apologize for running into conflicts with re-scheduling the Gr 6 Parent Meeting, especially with finding a time the Cuyahoga Valley Natiional Park Residency representative could attend. We strongly urge you to attend, but understand if you cannot make it tomorrow evening at this late notice. We will distribute all information on Tuesday, and give links to students for parents who could not attend the meeting.

We are also as always asking for parent volunteers to chaperone the camp. Opportunities especially for overnight, or all day any day, or part of the day, any day.

St. Gabriel School on Twitter

1) St Gabriel School @stgabrielschoo1 (please note that the last l of school is the number 1) --this is the general school account

2) Donna Lee Saladino @PrincipalStGabe -- this is the principal's account

If you have any questions about our school Twitter accounts, or need help setting up one for yourself to be able to access and follow our Twitter accounts, contact Mrs. Joyce Gravagna, our school Technology Integration Coordinator: joyce.gravagna@st-gabrielschool.org

WarmUp Suits Gaining popularity

Warm up suits are now available online at Schoolbelles, or in the Euclid store. We are waiting for samples to come in to put on display in the school.

Jacket and pants may be worn on gym day for the entire day, along with gym shoes. Students may wear gym uniforms underneath and take off warmup suits for gym.

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Dear Parents,

Thank you to all who came today to celebrate with us in 11:30 Mass, in the blessing of the Grizzly Learning Den and Learning Center, and in our all school Open House! It was our most attended Open House ever! We hope it was a fruitful visit for you, and you enjoyed seeing your children's work, seeing the great work all our students do, and sharing conversations with teachers, staff and fellow community members!

We hope you also were made aware again of the many wonderful programs and features of our school that are available for the extra growth and formation of your children. Many of our teachers and staff engage in extra involvement to help provide these things that further enhance and strengthen learning and life skills.

Finally, we hope you were duly impressed with the new GRIZZLY LEARNING DEN (GLD), and realize that it is already impacting your children's learning experiences with its engaging environment and growing resources. It provides a critical collaborative setting, and moves us forward in our STEM journey with the progress of the Maker Space with its new 3D printer (which is cross curricular but involves a great amount of math) media broadcasting room. coming robotics and creative tools, and more,

And we hope you all had a chance to step out into our new modular unit LEARNING CENTER (LC) The LC is another special space of learning that supports our students with all their challenges and learning levels, with intervention teachers specializing and differentiating their instruction to meet students' needs across the spectrum.

As we progress through this year, we will be sharing with you more and more, the experiences and growth and learning made possible in STEM and all areas, by our great faculty and staff continually developing, and utilizing all that we have at St. Gabriel.

God bless, in peace and courage,

Mrs. Saladino

Catholic Schools Week January 31-February 5, 2016

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Catholic Schools Week, Feburary 1-5! How will we celebrate?

We are ready now for a wonderful Catholic Schools Week!

· Monday, 2/1: ALL SCHOOL CAREER DAY for Grades JRK-8

  • GBN: Gr 1-2 Contest Winners Recognized, select poem read on GBN
  • Regular recess/lunch schedule

· Tuesday, 2/2: Student Appreciation Day

  • Students Out of Uniforms/ Favorite Hoodie/Crazy Socks/jeans day
  • Morning Doughnuts/Water Treat to start the day
  • GBN: Gr 3-4- Contest Winners Recognized, select poem read on GBN
  • Normal Hot Lunch
  • Regular Schedule, Normal Related Arts
  • Raffle Prizes from PTU for students throughout the day

· Wednesday, 2/3: Catholic Identity Focus

  • GBN: Gr 5-6 Contest Winners Recognized, select poem read

· Thursday 2/4: Staff Appreciation Day

  • GBN: Gr 7-8 Contest Winners Recognized, select poem read
  • Staff Luncheon by PTU
  • Gr 6 with JRK and LL PRE-K Buddies
  • Regular Schedule

· Friday, 2/5: Catholic School Spirit & Fun Day

  • GBN, select poem read
  • All School Dress Down day
  • Pig Races/Money Draw, from Magazine Drive
  • School Movies: TBD
  • Class gym games in 3 rotating groups throughout grades
  • Gr 7-8/K-1 buddies activity—Jr Hi and K-1 teachers

Reminder--Enrollment for Grades K-8


Please return your 2016.17 enrollment forms to the School Office by March 1st. If you have NOT received your packet please contact the School Office.

Additionally 2016-17 PSAS forms are now available on-line on the school website

Please direct any questions to the School Office.

Thank you!

Reminder--Junior Kindergarten enrollment

  • The one-stop "Jr. kindergarten ROUNDUP" will be at the School Office,

  • February 8, from 5:00--7:00pm.

  • For all pre-school families

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February 1, 2016 through February 5, 2016

February 1
  • Drama Club (Treasure Island) 2:40 pm - 5:00 pm
  • GRIZZLY ACADEMY - CANCELLED due to Catholic Schools Week
  • Play Practice 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
  • Gr. 6 Mandatory Parent Camp Meeting (MPR) 6:30 pm
  • Catholic Schools Week - ALL School Career Day
  • Power of the Pen 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

February 2

  • Catholic Schools Week - Student Appreciation Day
  • Donuts treat for ALL classes in AM
  • Student Dress Down Day: Theme "Crazy Socks"
  • BOK Jr. Leadership Club Mtg. (MPR) 2:30 pm - 3:45 pm
  • GRIZZLY ACADEMY CANCELLED due to Catholic Schools Week

February 3

  • Arts Day II
  • Drama Club (Treasure Island) Final Performance
  • 8:05 am ALL School Mass
  • "STEAM" Arts assemblies
  • Brownie Mtg. (Piunno) Church Basement 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm
  • GRIZZLY ACADEMY CANCELLED due to Catholic Schools Week
  • Grizzly Growler (Press Club) 2:45 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Gr. 5 Math Club 2:45 pm - 3:30 pm
  • Power of the Pen 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm
  • Chess Club 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

February 4

  • Staff Appreciation Day
  • GRIZZLY ACADEMY CANCELLED due to Catholic Schools Week
  • Play Practice 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
  • Art Club 2:30 pm - 3:45 pm

February 5

  • ALL School Spirit Day
  • Dress Down for entire school in school colors
  • Student / Faculty Basketball game and other gym activities

February 6

  • Power of the Pen District Competition
  • BOK jr - Souper Bowl Project 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Looking Ahead ...

February 8 through February 19, 2016 (having an earlier time this year)

  • Cognitive Abilities Testing (CogATs) - Gr 3, 5, 7
  • Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) -- Gr 1-8
  • Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten Open Enrollment "ROUNDUP"

February 10 -- Ash Wednesday

  • 8:05am -- All School & Parish Mass

February 12 -- St. Gabriel Community Fish Fry

February 13 -- Grade 2 First Reconciliation

  • 10:00am First Session
  • 12:00pm Second Session

February 15--Presidents Day


February 17

  • 8:05am All School Mass

February 18

  • Regional Spelling B at Auburn Career Center

February 19 -- St. Gabriel Community Fish Fry

February 21

  • Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser for 8th Grade Class Trip
  • School MPR
  • 7:30am--2:00pm

February 24

  • 8:05am All School Mass

February 26 -- St. Gabriel Community Fish Fry

February 27 -- Learning Loft Reverse Raffle Fundraiser

March 2

  • 8:05am All School Mass

March 4 -- St. Gabriel Community Fish Fry

March 9

  • 8:05am All School Mas

March 11 -- St. Gabriel Community Fish Fry

March 12 -- St. Gabriel BOK Food Fast

March 16

  • 8:05am All School Mass

March 18 -- St. Gabriel Community Fish Fry

March 23

  • 8:05am All School Mass
  • 1:15pm Living Stations

March 24--April 1 -- Easter Break NO SCHOOL

April 4 -- Classes Resume

April 6

  • 8:05am All School Mass

April 9 -- District Power of the Pen Regional Competition

April 13

  • 8:05am All School Mass

Aprl 14 -- PTU Spring Fling, Moms Night Out

  • Location off campus, TBA
  • Vendor items

April 15 and 16

  • Performing Arts Group "Cinderella"
  • 7:00pm
  • Pahler Center

April 16

  • Gr 2 First Eucharist Retreat
  • 9:00am

April 17

  • Performing Arts Group "Cinderella"
  • 3:00pm
  • Pahler Center

May 2 & 3

  • Kindergarten Screening

May 9

  • 8:15am May Crowning

May 11

  • 6":30pm 8th Grade "Academy Award Night"

May 16

  • 7:00pm Grades 4-5 Music Program

May 26

  • Young Authors, Young Artists Night
  • 6:30-8:00pm
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Just a HUGE thank you to all faculty and staff for all you did to prepare for this awesome Open House!

I want to first especially mention and give praise to Erin Trem, who has risen up to and beyond expectations in her new position as Media Center Specialist. Beginning at the end of last school year, and continuing up through the minutes and seconds of the weeks before this Open House, she has carefully and firmly planned and led in the many steps and projects, too many to mention, to complete our wonderful new Grizzly Den. With team Joyce Gravagna, and Jo Ann Albers, and Mary Henke, she has paved the way to a new path and exciting St. Gabriel journey!

And second to especially mention and give praise to Alicia Henrikson, who has also risen up to and beyond expectations in her efforts and work and love as our marketing director, event planner, and team builder across all St. Gabriel faculty and staff and family! She juggles innumerable tasks, and with her most charming smile and sweetness, and kindness and wisdom, makes everyone else feel important and inspired along the way!

We are so blessed to have such wonderful people staff, faculty, and family in our St. Gabriel Community. And who ultimately reaps the fruits of this blessing? The children, let them come ....

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BOKjr Leadership Club Meeting

REMINDER: BOKjr Leadership Club Meeting on Tuesday, February 2, 2016 in the MPR from 2:30 pm - 3:45 pm.

Looking forward to seeing the 6th - 8th graders on Tuesday as we dive into some really important service projects! And of course, a snack will be served!

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The St. Gabriel Builders of the Kingdom youth ministry program will host its 9th annual youth-run hunger awareness event known as the Souper Bowl. The Souper Bowl is a unique service project run by sixth through twelfth grade students. The goal of the Souper Bowl is to give the youth of our parish the opportunity to participate in a service project and fundraiser that helps an important social issue: local hunger. The students serve a meal of soup, salad and bread to the community while increasing awareness of local hunger.

The St. Gabriel Food Pantry, an agency of the Cleveland Food Bank, has been in service for 37 years. Last year it served over 23,000 people in the Lake County area. The Food Pantry personnel provide educational presentations to the students in preparation for the Souper Bowl to help increase students’ awareness and understanding that hunger exists in their own communities. The Food Pantry relies on the generosity of the community and events like these to support their efforts in this worthwhile cause.

Please invite your family and friends to attend this valuable community event, share a meal and fellowship while working towards a common goal—to alleviate hunger in our community. Entertainment provided by the St. Gabriel Jazz Band and High School students. Students grades 6-12 interested in volunteering, please contact Paula Haumesser at 440-354-7551 or Phaumesser@st-gabriel.org or Mary vonCarlowitz at Mvoncarlowitz@st-gabriel.org.

~ Adults $10 Children (6-10) $5 Children 5 and under—Free ~

Pre sale tickets available in the Gathering Area and Parish Office beginning weekend of January 23rd or at the door Feb 6th

Souper Bowl Ticket Form

Snow Day reminders


  1. Students are expected to do work that was already assigned or regularly expected for the day that became a snow day(s). if a quiz or test was scheduled, it will be taken on the first day back after the snow day(s).
  2. No new instruction or new work or new assignments will be given. As with homework normally, if students have questions or problems, they can ask the teachers when they get back to school.
  3. Teachers will post on their web pages by noon on each snow day, any news, information, instructions or changes students and/or parents need to know about classwork, homework, or other assignments or events. Students and parents must check teacher web pages each snow day.
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Please make special places in your hearts and prayers for all persons in our St. Gabriel Community:

For the Gromack family, for prayers of comfort in the loss of Mrs. Gromack's brother, uncle to students Ava and Gianna.

For Darin C, for prayers for healing and comfort in illness.

For the Pokersnik family, for prayers of comfort in the loss of their grandmother Helen.

For Ava and Gianna Gromack and their family, for prayers of comfort in the loss of their Uncle

For the Thornton family, for prayers of comfort in the loss of their grandmother, Roberta Thornton.

For Mrs. Mann and her children, for prayers of comfort in the loss of Mrs. Mann's mother and the children's grandmother.

Please keep in your prayers, general intercessions for all in our community, especially all of our students who have suffered losses of loves ones over the last few years. And I know there are many needing both big and little prayers here and there, for many reasons. I was once read an anonymous quote:

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."

A very special expression of appreciation and thanks to our wonderful school parent Sunshine Committee who strives to lead reach out efforts of love and support and help for those in our community in suffering!

Submitting School News, Memos, and Information

If you wish to have something included in the Weekend Virtual Back (VB) or the Weekday News and Notes, or any of our shorter email memos, please contact our Communications Coordinator, Michelle Clarke, at michelle.clarke@st-gabrielschool.org. All items must be approved by the principal and follow our policies. Thank you!!

NOTE: Also, if there are technical obstacles or difficulties in preventing you from accessing a linked item, or getting the correct information, please let Mrs. Clarke know, and she will get you the document or item or information you need!

St. Gabriel Catholic Elementary School

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