Republic of Cuba

By: Yana and Mikaila

Factual Facts

Capitol- Havana

Population- 11.27 million

Currency- Cuban peso, 1 Cuban Peso= 0.0377358 U.S. dollars

Government type: Communist

Leader: Raúl Castro


Significance of Flag-

Adopted in June 25th, 1848. Colors represent the aspiration for freedom that all men share, red white, and blue. The blue stands for 3 states divided. the white stands for force and dedication. And red stands for equality, fraternity, and liberty. The star stands for freedom.

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Cuba is an island that is mainly flat but has some rolling hills and in parts of the costal regions there are mountains.
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Arroz Congri (christinas)

Tostones (banana)

Maise (corn)



Fried Plantias

Grilled Pork chops



Liberation Day- Jan 1

Revolution Anniversary- Jul 25

Beginning of War of Independence- Oct 10

Christmas Day- Dec 25

New Years- Dec 31

Places for Adventure

Playas del Este- there are beautiful beaches with warm waters where people g swimming and diving.

Old Havana or Habana Vieja- not only is it the capitol of Cuba, but it is one of the oldest cities in Europe. And because of this there are many old cultural elements like colonial mansions and gorgeous art designs.

Vinales Valley- This is the home of the nations cigar making industry.

Playas del Este

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Old Havana or Habana Vieja

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Vinales Valley

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Cultural Activities and Entertainment

The Ministry of Culture provides education in music, visual arts, ballet, dramatic arts, and modern dance. The Saturday night movies on one of the 2 local television channels and there are some Monday night soap operas for some mindless entertainment.