Apple Watch Activity

Obviously better then the Nike Fuel Band.


The Apple Watch Activity app can track the amount of calories burned, amount of time exercising, and the amount of time standing in each day. It can also track the number of steps and miles walked every day.

How User friendly?

It's very easy to use, it does most of the work for you. It will send annoying reminders to try and get you more active. It will send you a weekly summary of how you did. It might increase or decrease your goal depending on how much you exercise.

Personal Data

When setting the app up, it will ask you to put in your weight, height, and a goal you would like to start off with. Other than that, you will not need to share any personal data.
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How It Works

You don't need to save every time you leave the app. It will start without needing to press anything. The moment you put on the watch, it will start tracking your movement. It does need the Apple Watch, it will not work without it.