SUMMER READING heat by Mike Lupica

By Evan Parise

Michaels troubles

In the book Heat by Mike Lupica Michael Aryyo faces many troubles. One of them is in the beginning of the book when Michael's dad dies. After that him and his brother Carlos have to take care of themselves without anyone finding out that there dad is dead. They have to keep it a secret because if they don't they will both be sent to foster care and be separated. They are telling everyone that there dad went to florida to take care of there uncle.

Another way that Michael is having trouble is from his baseball team. He is having a lot of trouble because his baseball team is on its way to the finals. He is going through a lot of stress. This is because he has to keep a secret from all of his closest friends and still be able to play and cooperate with themwith them. This is why he is having a lot of troubles.

Michaels tratis

Michael has many character traits. One is that he is very brave. This is becuse he has to go through a lot just with his brother. Also because he isnt around his parents anymore. He also is very kind. we know this because in the very beginnig he stopped the kid that stole a purse. that takes a lot of kindness to try to do something like that.
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