Denton Deere

Westing Game Heir, Plastic Surgeon/Neurologist, Westingtown

The Westing Game

This is a mystery story titled, The Westing Game, written by Ellen Raskin.

Denton and The Westing Game

Dr. Denton Deere is a plastic surgeon who works at St. Josephs Hospital in Westingtown,

Wisconsin. Denton is engaged to Angela Wexler. Denton wanted to be a politician.

Denton was made a heir by Sam Westing at his funeral. The 16 heirs (Sun Lin Hoo, Jake Wexler, Turtle Wexler, Flora Baumbach, Chris Theodarakis, Denton Deere, Alexander Mcsouthers, Josie-Jo Ford, Grace Wexler, James Hoo, Berthe Crow, Otis Amber, Theo Theodarakis, Doug Hoo, Sydelle Pulaski, and Angela Wexler.) are forced into a game called the Westing Game by Sam Westing. Each person was partnered in groups of two. Denton was partnered with Chris Theodarakis. Each group was given a set of clues. Denton and Chris's clues are "FOR PLAIN GRAIN SHED."

Key Passage 1

"I'm a very busy man Chris, I have lots of sick people depending on me. Oh Well." Plowing his fingers through his stringy mouse-brown hair to keep it out of his hair to keep it out of his eyes (when would he have time for a haircut).

"The clues are in my locker what were they? The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain."

Pg 84

This passage on page 84 shows Denton is always rushing. This shows he rushes by how he doesn't pay attention or that he never looks at them. This passage also shows he is always busy. It shows this by Denton asking himself "when would I have time for a haircut?" and that shows that he is busy all the time. This passage also connects with his internal conflict. Denton always has a big talk and pictures himself as some sort of superhero.

Key Passage 2

Some stared at the afflicted child with morbid fascination, but most turned away. They did't want to see. "pyramidal tract involvement," Denton whispered to impress Angela with his diagnosis.

Pg. 26

This passage on page 26 proves that Denton Deere tries to impress Angela and the Wexler family with his big talk and "genius".

Denton's Crutch

Denton's Crutch is that he has a big talk. Denton tries to impress Angela and the Wexler family with his knowledge.

My technological Information

This is the information for Denton's technology like his phone and mail.

Denton Deere

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A Song for Denton

This song describes Denton because Denton pictures himself as a life saver or some sort of superhero.

This song is called Superman by REM

I am Superman! REM Music Video