The Colonial Times

May 29, 2020

What's Happening at Log...Virtually

The '19-'20 school year is winding down, with just two weeks remaining! It's hard to believe that it has been 11 weeks since we have set foot in Log College, and nine weeks of doing "Distance Learning." It has been a new and challenging experience for all of us, and more than anything, we would like to return to normal school life. Fortunately, in the interim, it appears as though Bucks and the surrounding counties will enter the Yellow Phase of re-opening next week, and we can look forward to businesses, parks, playgrounds, and restaurants opening.

June 12th will be our last official day for collecting work and grades, as the drop off/pick up days at school for items begins on Monday, June 15th. If you have not done so already, please check the morning eAlerts that are sent from Log College each day, which outline the procedures, and the individual dates/times assigned for each student.

We thank you for your patience throughout this process over the last few months. The faculty and staff truly feel fortunate to work with such a wonderful community of students and families!

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the school.

Be well,

Mr. Golderer and Mr. Drago

Staff Masks

A special thank you to 8th grader Valerie Atonal-Varela and her older brother, Israel for dropping off masks that were made by her uncle for all of her teachers at Log College. What an awesome and thoughtful gift!

Student Book Reviews

Brooke Grose


I would recommend this book because it tells you how you may have things planned out for the future but you have to be prepared for things to change and not go the way you want them to. This book shows how you can change a bad situation and make it something good. There is not a dull part in the book. There is always something new happening that was caused by the past. Therefore, I would recommend this book Gone.

James Niles


I would recommend Invasive to anyone who likes an exciting, thrilling story . Even though it is a fiction book, it is based largely on science, which makes it a very interesting read. In addition, it is led by a strong exciting antagonist. The book is about hypnotized killer ants that attack society. Overall the book is very entertaining and chillingly eerie. I would recommend it to anyone who loves a faced paced and eerie read.

A Message From Our Football Coaches

Attention all athletes who plan on playing football at Log next season---Now is the time to get ready. We all receive the same amount of time in one day, 24 hours. It is the one thing we all get the same quantity of, no matter what our age,skill level, income, dedication,size or intelligence happens to be. Use your time wisely. At this young age time becomes irrelevant, meaning it does not matter, but you need to start working out now. Push ups and burpees are two excellent methods to increase your core strength. Start with ten to a set and increase your repetitions as you get stronger. Show up in shape with a positive attitude in September!

Carpe Diem you fine young people!

Mr. Sinkler, Mr. Leiby, Mr Boyd and Mr. McManus

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A Message From Our Librarian

Dear Families and Students:

I hope all is well with you and your loved ones, and I miss seeing you in the library. Before school closed on March 13th, we had close to 1,000 books on loan. That's fabulous, because it shows that we are a community of readers. Of course, we do need to collect those items so the love of the story can be shared with someone else.

The Centennial School District (CSD) Food Bank and Food Truck are accepting CSD library book collections per this schedule:

  1. McDonald ES Food Bank - Mondays and Thursdays - 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

  2. Klinger MS Food Bank - Schedule varies and is posted in the CSD Alerts.

  3. Food Truck - Mondays and Thursdays.

Books can be returned with the Chromebook at the end of the school year.

So far, about 100 books have been returned at the lunch truck and food bank locations. That's terrific! If you return a book to the CSD collection points, please know that you will continue to receive overdue notices for a few weeks, even a month. The books will be held in sealed containers, until the librarians are able to come to school and scan the books. I appreciate your patience with that.

I am so sorry that it isn’t possible to open the library right now. If I could, I would drop off new books at your house. Until we open, visit the Library folder in Classlink. There are links to online material, including the eBooks on Destiny Quest. If you have access to a Bucks County Library System (BCLS) or any PA public library, the Libby Overdrive app has been added to the Google Play Store, so BCLS members can access tens of thousands of eBooks using the public library username and password. Currently, the BCLS is offering a promotion for eAccess accounts. Students and families can establish eLibrary accounts online for the ontime cost of $1.00.

Flashback Friday!

Hey Log College students! We know the days are starting to drag on. So, just for fun, each week we will share a baby or childhood picture of one of the Log College staff with a few hints. Take a moment and try to guess his or her identity! The staff member’s identity will be revealed in the next edition of the Colonial Times.

This Week's First Clue

I was raised in Northeast Philadelphia. I was an only child, but I had lots of four-legged companions. I took care of two dogs and a cat. When I was a kid, I loved to play with Cabbage Patch dolls and listen to the Spice Girls. Who am I?

This Week's Second Clue

I grew up in Churchville, PA with my mom, dad, and brother, Rob. When I was younger, I would hit the basketball courts and no one could stop me! Who I am?

Last Week's First Answer

I grew up with my mom and grandfather in Philadelphia, PA. When I was a kid, I dreamed of becoming a radio DJ. Who am I?

Answer: Ms. Skierski, ELA Teacher

Last Week's Second Answer

I was raised in Warrington. I lived with my parents and my sister. Some might say we look alike. When I was younger I was a competitive gymnast. Who I am?

Answer: Ms. Reich, Instructional Assistant

Log College Middle School

Log College Middle School opened in September 1967 as a Junior High School serving seventh and eighth grade students. The school is named after the original school in Warminster, “Log College” established in 1727 by William Tennent, one of the original trustees of Princeton University. The school’s mascot is the Colonial in honor of the first Log College.

Log College became a Middle School in 1991 educating sixth, seventh and eighth grade students. In 2000 the school was recognized by the US Department of Education as a National Blue Ribbon School. Log College currently serves approximately 630 sixth through eighth graders.