Thank You!

Andrew Foster Student Teacher

We accomplished a lot!

I can't thank Mr. Baggaley enough! I thoroughly enjoyed working with your kids over the last seven weeks. I learned a great deal from Mr. Baggaley and your kids as well. We had many great adventures: hiking in the mountains, learning about different biomes, flora, and fauna, fishing for brine shrimp, learning about life cycles, field work solving real world problems.

We did a lot of work inside the classroom as well: Exploring the expedition taken by Father Escalante and Domingeuz, writing personal and invented narratives, working hard in our ELA and Math RTI groups, reading about Syrian refugees and poems that synergize with their plight, and so much more. We worked like Captains, and played like pirates!

I am sad to leave...

I am so thankful to all of you for allowing me to learn and grow with your students.

Mr Baggaley being an awesome mentor and teacher!

Upcoming Events

We are taking a little breather from field experiences! We do have the Little Blue Luncheon on October 26th. I hope everyone has a great Fall Break next week. Thank you all for your help and support in the education of your child!

-Stu Baggaley