News From 4S!

June 1st-June 5th

What a Fun Week!

The past two weeks students have been working hard conquering even more challenging fourth grade skills. Our weeks have been filled with field trips, learning to be meta cognitive, and expanding our knowledge of shapes, and of the regions of the US! Check out all of our information below to see how much we are learning!

An Amazing Trip to the National Liberty Museum!

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This week, students learned their last skill related to meta cognition. We learned how to synthesize, or change our thinking as we read. Students listened to the story, The Giving Tree, and then wrote their own synthesis spiral. Check it out on our SeeSaw page!

Polyhedrons and Geometric Solids Galore!

Students have been working hard learning about volume, geometric solids, and polyhedrons. They were challenged with creating their own riddles AND building their own polyhedrons! Some students even came in early to make challenging ones!

Social Studies Regions: The North East!

Students have spent this week looking at the regions of the US. Currently, the North East is our focus. we have loved hearing from family and friends from all over our country. Yesterday, we participated in a geography challenge about the North East. Students loved taking this on. Today, we pretended to be a part of the Hershey Chocolate Factory Assembly line. Students took on the roles of paper cutter, candy placer, and candy wrapper. After, they had to decide what the positives and negatives were to having machinery do this job. We got into a wonderful discussion. It was very rewarding to see how their thinking has grown!

Bring Blue T-Shirt to Decorate for Field Day!

Friday, June 12th, 12pm

1 Glover Avenue

Haddonfield, NJ

Please send in a plain blue t-shirt that the students can puffy paint for Field Day. Please have it sent in by FRIDAY! We will be decorating them that day! Tshirts can be found at ACMoore, Michaels, Walmart, or JoAnne Fabrics.