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March 11, 2019

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EstaFest! - Saturday 3/16 - 11:00-3:00

Also This Week

Wednesday, March 13 - Safe Routes to School - Bus, Car Pool, Walk to School!

(See Below for No Idling Pledge & Poster Contest)

Thursday, March 14

  • METCO Family Friends Day
  • 6:30-8:00 pm District-wide Incoming Kindergarten Information Night @ Harrington

Coming Up

Wednesday, March 20 - 6:00--7:30 pm Big Map Night in the Gym

Thursday, March 21 - Estabrook Day of Play

WEDNESDAY Early Release Days for Parent Conferences: March 27 and April 3

Watch your email this week for a link to sign-up for spring parent conferences.

Principal's Corner

Algebraic Thinking Math Presentation for Parents

Last Thursday evening, Estabrook Math Specialists Amy Burk and Nithya Subramanian provided parents with insight into how algebraic thinking is developed in the math curriculum in grades K-5.

The presentation included engaging parents in solving some actual problems. Using an example called "How do you see these shapes growing?," parents explored how looking for patterns can develop mathematical thinking. We want students to represent, reason, justify and generalize patterns. They described some of these problems as "low floor, high ceiling" meaning the problems are accessible to all, but are open-ended enough to be challenging.

Amy and Nithya then provided examples of how algebraic thinking is developed in each grade level. They reminded us that students should learn to see the equal sign as representing balance - not as pointing to the answer.

Finally, they provided parents with some websites and recommended games they could use at home. Here are some of the websites they recommended:

If you'd like a copy of the list of other resources, please email:

Thank you to Amy and Nithya for providing such an informative and engaging presentation!

Rick Rogers

March Safe Routes to School: Take the No Idling Pledge & Poster Contest

Estabrook’s Safe Routes to School team has partnered with Estabrook’s Green Team to bring you the Healthy Habit for March: No Idling! Eliminating idling at school drop off and pick up times will improve air quality around the school and decrease health risks to students.

What’s So Bad About Idling?

Idling vehicles contribute to air pollution and emit air toxins, which are pollutants known or suspected to cause cancer or other serious health effects. Monitoring at schools has shown elevated levels of benzene, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and other air toxics during the afternoon hour coinciding with parents picking up their children. Children’s lungs are still developing, and when they are exposed to elevated levels of these pollutants, children have an increased risk of developing asthma, respiratory problems and other adverse health effects. Limiting a vehicle’s idling time can dramatically reduce these pollutants and children’s exposure to them.

Take the No-idling Pledge

Check your student’s yellow folder for how YOU can commit to helping Estabrook be an Idle Free School. Students can return the pledges during arrival on our March Safe Routes to School day, March 13th.

  • When waiting for students to be picked up, all engines should be turned off.
  • All drivers should turn off engines when they arrive at school and when they expect to be parked for more than 10 seconds.
  • If idling is necessary for temperature control during extreme hot or cold weather, please restrict it to no more than 5 minutes.

Design a No Idling Yard Sign

Massachusetts Safe Routes to School is holding it’s annual design contest for students in grades 2-5 and this year’s theme is “Anti-idling.” If your child is in grades 2-5 and would like to participate, please see the entry guidelines HERE. Please return all entries to school no later than arrival on March 13th, and Estabrook’s Safe Routes to School representative will submit them to Mass Safe Routes to School prior to the submission deadline.

We will also pick an Estabrook winner for each grade level (including K-1)

Estabrook Day of Play - Thursday, March 21

Global School Play Day is a worldwide event started in 2015. This year, Global School Play Day was February 6. Estabrook is observing it on Thursday, March 21. The event encourages children to engage in a school-based session of unstructured play, where teachers foster free play separate from teacher-led activities. Learn more at:

WHY: Global School Play Day provides children with a safe environment to practice self-directed, unstructured play. Play improves language development, social growth, peer interactions, emotional regulation, and social coordination. During Global School Play Day, students have the opportunity to practice authentic problem-solving and empathy skills, and collaboratively explore innovation and creativity.

HOW: Students are invited to bring safe items for indoor play that are appropriate for school.


Below are some examples of items your child may bring to school (please make sure to mark your child’s name on all items):

Legos, blocks

Board games, cards, puzzles

Recycled materials for building and creating

International games

Arts and crafts

Puppets, stuffed animals