by Peyton Stauffer

Best Mariachi Music

History and General Information

Mariachi is a popular form of music formed in Mexico over one hundred years ago. It was known as "the music of the people." Majority of people living in Mexico were fond or familiar with this genre of music. This music was used in celebration, triumphs, and during struggles. Mariachi music was used to celebrate birthdays and saint's days.

Characteristics of the Music

What is it? - a type of traditional Mexican folk music, typically performed by a small group of strolling musicians dressed in native costume

Main instruments - violins, trumpets, guitars, vocals

Associated Events - birthdays, holidays/saint's days, everyday occasions

Costumes - traditional Mexican costume

Famous Artists - Luis Miguel, Vicente Fernández, Pepe Aguilar, Juan Gabriel

Connections to Dance

Associated Dances - Mexican Hat Dance:

Mariachi is said to be incomplete without the Mexican Hat Dance. The Mexican Hat Dance, also known as Jarabe Tapatío, is a traditional Mexican dance that has been said to symbolize Mexico both domestically and internationally. This dance represents the courtship between a man and a woman and is performed by a man and a women.

Mexican Hat Dance (Full Version)

Mariachi Today

Mariachi is still a popular form of music today. The instruments slightly vary from those of traditional mariachi music including newer variations of the instruments. Mariachi is considered traditional Mexican music.