Youtube wonders!

By: Alex Glass

I wonder how was youtube created? Sometimes people wonder "who created Youtube." Other times people wonder "why it was made." Many people visit Youtube a day but, how many
Do you ever wonder who created Youtube. In 2005 Chade Hurley ,Steven Chen and Jawed Karim. Paper pal was the oner of of Youtube for a while, then in 2006 Google bought Youtube for 1.62 billion dolers.
Sometimes I wonder why Youtube was created? Well Youtube was created because people wanted to share videos. Yet there was no easy way to do this, until Chad Hurley invented Youtube.
Have you ever wondered how many people visit Youtube a day? Well since Youtube is the third most visited site, about 5 billion visit Youtube everyday.
So now you know that Youtube was made to share videos and to entertain people. Youtube is owned by Google. Youtube was made to share and create videos. Also about 5 billion people visit Youtube a day so now we know all about Youtube.