Olivia Q's Flute Recital


I had a lot of fun working on my solo piece and learning about the musical form known as rondo. I learned a lot about musical terms in my piece and about the arranger, Keith Snell. I like how I was able to work on it on my own and learn how to play this musical form.

Word Bank

Word Bank

Treble Clef- Indicates the position of note names on a music staff

Time Signature- The number of beats in a measure

Allegro- Quick and lively

Multiple Measure Rest- Rest the number of measures indicated

F - Forte- Loud

Slur- A curved line that connects two or more notes of different pitches

mf- Mezzo Forte- Medium loud

Crescendo- Gradually play louder

<- Accent- Attack the note louder

Tie- A curved line that connects two notes of the same pitch played as one

FF- Fortissimo- Very loud

Fermata- Hold note or rest longer than its usual value