One-Room Schoolhouse

By; Griffin Campbell

Where Was It?

The One-Room Schoolhouses were found all throughout America out in the countries or in some big cities. Most schools consisted of farm children that traveled miles to attend the school. These kids were usually the younger child because the older child had to help out his parents on the farm.

Interior & Exteriors of the School House

Most of the time the schools were built out of logs and various other things but once the technology of the world increased, they started to be built out of concrete and steel. On the inside, it had an area for the kids to store all of their belongings and then they walked into the classroom. The desks were arranged in rows. There were outhouses for boys and girls located outside.

How Many Children Did it Serve?

The school house was not that big so it didn't fit very many people. It only fit 10-20 students depending on the area that you lived in. Most schools sat younger children in the front and older ones in the back.