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4A Photojournalism

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Birds Eye

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Worms Eye

Written Reflection

This semester i learned how to properly use a camera and understand how to use all of the different things on the camera to take better pictures. We learned the different compositions of a picture and how to apply them to our own. My favorite project this semester was the photo shop because i liked being able to modify our pictures and make them look better. My least favorite was probably the Humans of Fossil Ridge because i didn't really like interviewing random strangers. I really enjoy taking pictures and i would like to take another photography class.I am looking into buying a really nice camera so i can start taking more pictures. I want to learn more about photo shop and be able to take professional pictures. I really enjoyed this class.

Camera Operations

  1. Power On/Off- Push Switch once
  2. Remove Batteries- Push switch and slide door open, then follow +and -
  3. Insert SD Card- Push switch and slide door open, check SD card lock and insert
  4. Macro/Supermacro- Push the left button on arrow keys to scroll through Macro
  5. Zoom In/Out- Twist the lens on the camera, clockwise- In and counter clockwise- out

Law and Ethics

  1. Do not pay subjects or sources for pictures
  2. Do not intentionally sabotage the efforts of other journalists
  3. Do not manipulate or stage subjects for pictures; natural pictures

SAT Alphabet

Word- Enhance
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