The Greek Miracle

The Battle Of Marathon

by CRONOS BION(Connor Browder)

Greece highlights

  • The Persian wars
  • The battle of Marathon
  • An interview from the General
  • Pictures from the Battle
  • Pheidippides
  • The Great run
  • Quote from a Marathon Survivor

The Persian Wars

In the 6th century BC, the Greeks were jeopardized by people called the Persians. There territory in modern times is now Iran. The Persians tried to spread there empire and take control of Greece. In 546 BCE they conquered the Ionian states on the west coast of the Asian Minor. Soon the Ionian states rebelled with help of the city-states Athens and Eretrica. The first time they succeeded but, the Persian soon after crushed the revolt. After there was a series of wars between the Greeks and the Persians lasting from 490-449 BCE.

The Battle Of Marathon

The Persians are outraged about the fact Athens and Eretrica helped the Ionians. In 456 BCE the Persians destroyed Eretrica led by king Darius. Then they went to Marathon a place northeast of the coast of Athens. The Athenians raised an army of 10,000 troops with the help of there allies, led by a general called Militates The Greeks fought and fought. Then the miracle happened, they won the war! This is because of Miltiades battle tactics and strategy. But not only because of Miltiades but because of there countless fighting and bravery throughout the battle.This Battle was won from the Soldiers hope and Loyalty that Persians took for granted.

A Interview from the general.

This is a behind the scenes

interview of the Militates

(the general who led the greeks

to victory)

by Archius deous

"I'm going to just start from the beginning. What was it like when you got news from Pheidippedes that the Spartans weren't going to send troops?"

"It was very devastating especially with everyone's life stake but I knew that I couldn't wait two weeks for the Spartans and I had to stick with the army I had."

"How did you feel when you saw the first glimpse of the Persians army?"

"Well it wasn't the most encouraging moment in the battle but just like I learned in battle training is that even when you and your army are hopelessly outnumbered you should never give up. Just like my master said" its better to die in battle then to have lived and to have not fought at all"

"This is the last and final question. When you knew you won the battle what was it like?"

"It was probably the proudest moment i have ever had in my whole entire life. People cheered my name and there was parades and festival all for me. It was the best moment i've ever had.

"Thank you General Militates for contributing your time to answer to these vital questions."

Pictures from the battle


The Great Run

In 490 BCE a Persian fleet of 600 was on the great shores not far away from Athens. According to the legends the general to the Athenian troops sent his fastest runner Pheidippides to ask for help from Sparta. He ran two days and two nights to reach Sparta which was 140 miles away from Athens! He delivered to the Spartans. They gladly agreed to send troops but til nine days when their religious festival was over. Phiedippides ran all the way back to Athens(which again is 140 miles away). But the general decided he could not wait that long for them. He ordered his troops to advance and meet the persians army at a city called Marathon.

Quote from Marathon Suvivor

Yesterday at the Battle of Marathon Greece won the battle battle against the 10,000 soldiers of the Persian empire. Here are some of the quotes from the remaining Greece soldiers "when I first saw the glimpse of the Persian army it scared the Greek gods out of me but when I saw general Miltiades face I could tell he knew what he was doing."

"That persian army was huge but I never stopped fighting til the end."