Picking up the Pace 2022-23

High School Counseling Newsletter (Quarter 2)

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Walking into Quarter 2: How to Manage Time as a Busy High School Student

Walking into Quarter 2: How to Manage Time as a Busy High School Student

1.) Keep a calendar or planner

2.) The Power of Prioritizing Tasks

3.) Break Large Tasks into Small Goals

4.) Find Hidden Time

5.) Be Realistic When Setting Goals

6.) Be Careful with Commitments

7.) Find Time to Relax

8.) Get a Good Night's Sleep

9.) Ask for Help


*Note: End of the quarter one is 11/4/22 & end of semester one is 1/27/23*

Additional Educational Opportunities

Newmarket Jr/Sr High School affords students multiple opportunities to earn credit outside of the traditional classroom. Please see your School Counselor, Ms. B to explore these opportunities.

VLACS- Keeping on Top of Your Progress & Getting Help

Academic Snapshot

The academic snapshot is a handy tool that will allow you to monitor your progress. Here, you can view your grades, the number of assignments you have submitted, and your proposed completion date. Using this snapshot, you can help ensure that you are maintaining a consistent pace.

Completion Dates

Semester 1: 01/27/23 for .5 credit classes

Semester 2: 06/16/23 for .5 credit classes (05/19/23 for seniors)

06/16/23 (05/19/23 for seniors) for 1.0 credit classes

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