New Source of Energy Discovered!

Nuclear Fusion!

On the eighth of December 2015 scientist Erin Gainer and her lab, located in a desert in Arizona, found out the key to making nuclear fusion a harnessable source of energy. Her and her team of fellow scientists have been working to achieve this huge step forward in advancing in producing energy. Before now nuclear fusion has only occurred in the core of the Sun and is it's source of energy.

Fusion VS. Fission

Fusion is the combining of nuclei to form a nucleus while Fission is the opposite, the splitting of an atom. Nuclear fission large amounts of dangerous radioactive waist while fusion does not. Fission can also produce runaway chain reactions while fusion does not. This is what makes fusion the more desirable source of energy over fission.

Because the neutrons produced are neutral it is easy for them to react with positively charged atomic nuclei. This produces nutrition radiation which needs to be contained within highly protective plants. But the radioactivity produced is very low and can be controlled.

Producing this type of energy will be costly but a huge payoff in the long run when fossil fuels run out and fission being very hazardous.