Amazon Retail Bookstore Origin

Possible connection to the Greek myth of the same name?

Who are the Amazon?

You've heard of certain companies related to Greek mythology-such as the company "Nike", and the product "Ajax". You may not know the stories behind these, but you probably know they are inspired by Greek mythology, but do you know what the company "Amazon" is inspired on, and how it came to be ? The company "Amazon" is a large company, aimed to sell books, and even allows people to sell their own objects or work in the website as well. Not many people know of it's origin, and some may assume it was inspired by the Amazons of Greek mythology, who are a group or warrior women, but it's in fact not inspired by that myth. The Amazon women, in Greek mythology, are warriors trained in combat. They are required to kill one man before marriage, and are known to cut off one breast in order to throw spears more effectively.

What is the company Amazon's origin?

The company was created by Jeff Bezos, which originally had a different name than "Amazon". Bezos wanted a different name, something that begin with the letter "A", so it would appear first in web searches. He found the word Amazon, which is also a rainforest and river in South America. He wanted his company to be "exotic" and "different", just like the rainforest of the same name. He also noted that the Amazon River was the biggest (in terms of water drainage), and he wanted his company to be the biggest as well. So despite the Greek mythology creatures of the same name, they don't appear to have inspired the company.