Agility for Education KA1 / KA2

Innovating teaching methods ERASMUS+ -

The Agile workshop is in itself Agile. You learn by playing 20 different Agile dynamics including some of the most effective Liberating Structures.

This tailored workshop consists of a sum of practical tools to understand why, what and how to use AGILE with ANY Project or Team (and not just in an IT context)

During the workshop you learn how to redesign the school curriculum. How to engage your students.

As teacher if you ever thought about the quotes below, then this workshop is for you.

1. I want to learn more educational materials and strategies and methods and techniques that will facilitate our work in our classroom.

2. I would like to have fun classes where my students will feel more comfortable. I want them to run to school and their classroom readily and willingly.

3.I want a student-centered education method where the student is more active. I would like to make sure that learning can be done according to each students’ different ability.

4. I would like to see the light in my students’ eyes because we must polish them. I must bring them to light. I must develop and grow with my students because Teachers are the only ones to make bright tomorrows.

5.I want students to be more active participants in classes. I would like them to move from an audience to an active learner position.

6. I imagine a class with a colorful and cheerful learning environment where different teaching techniques are practiced. In addition, I want to be a teacher whose ideas are flexible and whose students discover the subject by using examples from real life.

7. And we have much more comments from 100 teachers.

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1. Enhancing teacher's competences with new methodologies to implement KAIZEN on Project Work based.

The project is focused on enhancing teachers competences KAIZEN concept training them on implementing different methodologies for Project-Work based activities.

LEGO® Serious Play®, Design Thinking, Gamification are some of these methodologies. ICT skills are enhanced via the Kahoot platform to create a specific channel to upload the resources.

Thirty teachers participate in the Mobility to address cross-fertilisation school curriculum.

The learning experiences are going to be implemented in the classroom with the students who are going to be trained to develop new skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, empathy among others.

A toolbox with activities demonstrating innovative, practical cases in education is implemented for broader dissemination to a large group of stakeholders.

A training on cascade program is developed during the mobility based on teachers experience.

A National conference will be organised in 2020 under the subject of Applying Innovative methodologies in the Project-Work based in schools.

2. Enhancing Teachers skills with Agile, Flipped classroom and ICT VIMEO Methodologies

The aim of the project is changing the teaching and training content with innovative methods and tools; the development of key competences and skills of staff and learners; development of

sustainable cross-border cooperation.

The central core idea is to improve to design and implement a new way of teaching the school

curricula enabling the teachers to co-create the content, develop critical thinking, acquire new soft and hard skills to shifting from teaching to mentoring. Develop new tools and methods. The

sustainable model comes from designing new open online training.

3. Applying Liberating Structures in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning

The Project proposal is focused on supporting teachers to acquire new skills, Liberating Structures methodology and ICT competencies designing content for a web mobile responsive.

The School is located in a rural area and try to work hard to avoid early leaving school. Due to the exceeding numbers of students in the classroom to gain attention, focus, co-creation knowledge, feedback and engagement of the students is difficult.

The teachers are aware they need to increase their teaching skills at multilevel not only hard but soft.

On the other hand, teachers are aware the students need to be involved in the classroom more


4. Enhancing VET teachers skills through social media and games

The workshop addresses the new changes in the VET Schools in both ends, the teachers and the student experience who request new ways of learning developing and content creation.

Through five (5) intensive days workshop the VET teachers in cooperation with local actors will analyze and prototype new services and training models.

Design Thinking, Social Media, Gamification concept and Mobile Apps are some of the tools to be used during the workshop structured in 5 modules.

1.Understand What would be the role of the Adult educators in the next decade?

2.How Games & Social Media are impacting their daily work connected to Adult educators? What kind of new ways of teaching they think it could be developed?

3.How do they think they can change the role of VET teachers becoming a source of innovation?

4.A challenge for the Adult educators is that people have changed ways of acquiring information and knowledge. Today knowledge can be reached from everywhere not only from School.

5.A second challenge for the VET teachers is to get a position as dialogue keeper and to establish a dialogue between the new user and the services the world of work demands and the balance of not becoming a simply teacher at the times of web.3.0.

6.A third challenge is the meaning and functions of innovation, knowledge innovation, organizational innovation management and knowledge innovation culture.