Daily Life of the Ancient Egyptions

By Tiffany Birch

The Daily Life of Slaves and The Lower Class in Ancient Egypt

Here is what a slave's day-to-day life looks like: Wake up early and start work right away. Work non-stop doing manual labor with the hot sun bearing down on them all day and being fed next to nothing!! after a long day of working, they go home, sleep, and do it all over again. Household slaves wore clothes that their masters gave them. The clothes were usually made of undyed flax cloth. the males usually wore short, linen kilts and the females wore a skirt going from their shoulder to there ankles or knees. The cloth was unbleached and coarse. The important slaves wore the same clothes as their masters. How well dressed the slaves were determined how wealthy their masters were. The slaves that worked in temples and monuments had absolutely no clothes on at all. That is the daily life of a slave and lower class in Ancient Egypt.

The Daily Life of the Middle Class in Ancient Egypt

Men where the head of the household. They worked to support the family and men were in charge of society. They would start to train their son at an early age to take on his line of work. The women typically raised the children and managed the home. Women in Ancient Egypt had a lot more freedom than other women in the ancient times. Ancient Egyptians treasured life, children, and family. Every family had at least 1 child and if they couldn't have children, they'd adopt! The middle class Ancient Egyptians wore linen clothing made from flax. The Women commonly wore form-fitting, sleeveless dresses that reached from the shoulder to the ankles. Men wore linen skirts down to the ankle and a kilt that wrapped around the waist that was held in place by knots, or they wore a 2-piece outfit consisting of a pleaded skirt, and a plain, collarless shirt with wide pleaded sleeves that was tied in the neck. Both males and females wore thin, sheer, long robes with the ends tied around the neck. That is the daily life of the middle class in Ancient Egypt.
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Daily Life of a Pharaoh in Ancient Egypt

Imagine waking up, everything is peaceful and quiet, and then, all of a sudden servants come in and you know that you aren't gonna be alone until later that day. That is how a Pharaoh's day starts. He wakes up, and he is cleaned by servants including the "Chief of Scented Oils and Pastes for Rubbing His Majesty's Body." Once cleaned, he is dressed in robes of linen (Particularly see through) and a kilt-like garment known as a "shendyt" which was wrapped around the lower body,front to back, with detailed pleating. Then he put on a "Nemes" which was a beautifully crafted headpiece, and a fake beard to show power and wealth. All that was topped of with an outrageously large amount of jewelry. afterwards, he goes to the "Audience Chamber" to hold his daily meetings. Once finished, he would go to the temple to pay tribute to the chief god, Amen-Re. If he didn't do this task, the empire would lose its "Maat", or order, causing the empire to go to chaos and the Pharaoh would be to blame. Guided by the priest, he asks questions to the stone figure of Amen-Re and Amen-Re answered him through the priest. When that is done, the sacred butcher slits the throat of a bull as a sacrifice to the gods. Then the Pharaoh goes back to the palace to eat a hearty lunch. when lunch is done, he jumps in his royal chariot for a tour of the city, as Egyptians gather the streets to catch a glimpse of their noble leader. (very few people knew what their Pharaoh looked like) He visits construction sites that are building structures in his honor. Then he goes back to the palace to be alone in his magnificent gardens. His final task is returning to the temple for a ceremony that marks the end of the day and setting of the sun. Then he goes home to sleep. That is the daily life of a Pharaoh.
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