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2020 March

Mother Goose on the Loose: Superstar!

Whether it's naming familiar objects (body parts, animals) or exposure to a new and rich vocabulary (through picture books and nursery rhymes), the children at Mother Goose on the Loose are learning words to describe the world around them. The language benefits of MGOL are undeniable, both for participants who speak English at home AND those for whom English is a second language.

Sara's mom says, "We came from Japan and we aren’t good at English, so we talk to her in Japanese. She can speak Japanese well but she can’t speak English well. We started to come to Coos Bay Library for her English education. She really enjoys story time every week. Now she sings songs at home that she learned at story time and teaches her sisters."

Sara is a MGOL superstar!

Mother Goose on the Loose, a program for infants and toddlers, is offered twice a week at the library: Wednesdays & Thursdays at 9:30am.

Seuss Night

Monday, March 2nd, 6pm

525 Anderson Avenue

Coos Bay, OR

Preschool Storytime-- NOW ON SATURDAYS!

Beginning Saturday March 7, Preschool Storytime will be offered Wednesdays (10:30am) and Saturdays (12:00pm). Click here for more information about Preschool Storytime.

Staff Picks

Build Skills Every Day

Little interactions every day can add up to a BIG foundation for learning.

  • Talk: Quote a line from your baby's favorite book when you see something that connects to the story. Watch him make the connection!
  • Sing: What happens when you mix an orchestra performance with storytime? This stunning performance of Peter and the Wolf, with vivid narration, is a great introduction to instrument sounds.
  • Read: Books with cliffhanger endings can spark great conversations and reflections in toddlers! Stop by the library and check out "Little Brown" by Marla Frazee, or "Oh, No George!" by Chris Haughton.
  • Write: Celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday by letting your little one spell out nonsense 'words' for you to sound out with letter magnets.
  • Play: Line a box with a sheet of green paper. With your little one, look for objects that are green to go inside. Add a challenge by putting in a different colored object, and asking, "Is this green?". This color game develops critical thinking and categorizing skills, and explores all the shades of green!

Dolly Parton Imagination Library

Thanks to Dolly Parton and other generous donors, every child under the age of five living in Coos County is eligible to receive a free book every month in the mail! Do you have a child/children under five? Do you live in Coos County? Fill out this registration form and turn it in to your local public library. Then get your bookshelf ready ;)

Go Ahead... Sing!

Five Green and Speckled Frogs

Five green and speckled frogs,
Sat on a speckled log,
Eating some most delicious bugs. (Yum! Yum!)
One jumped into the pool,
Where it was nice and cool,

Then there were four green, speckled frogs! (Glub! Glub!)

Repeat, counting down until there are no frogs left!

1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Visit the library to sign up for the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program.The library provides reading logs and incentive prizes. Or grab the app (iphone or android) and do it on your own!
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