The Progressive Era

Anthony Glore

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Child Labor

In this photo you can clearly see a large group of dirty looking kids inside of a factory without shoes. From what it looks like, very few had shoes. This infers that a lot of them could not afford shoes. This topic is referring Child Labor and how poor the lower class was. Kids of all ages were forced to work in factories to help their family out. This most definitely affected Americans in a negative way because it wore out and put the kids in danger because of the machinery and other reasons.

Voting Rights For Women

These two photos are of women picketing for their rights as American citizens. Women were tired of being treated with less rights than men. This topic is referring to votes for women which was one of the many things women wanted during this time. This was a time for women to rise up and make a stand, so this affected them positively yet a tad bit negative because some women were treated horribly or sent to prison for standing up for their rights.
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The Triangle Fire

These two photos show the triangle building, which was a factory for where women worked with fabrics and cloth. This topic is referring to the triangle fire which resulted in women dying and the start of something new. This obviously at the time affected Americans in a negative way, but later down the road encouraged improved safety procedures and exits, which is very positive.