No Promises in the Wind


Book Title

Josh, Joey and Howie knew if they ran away they would have to survive on their own. Everyday sense they did, they have to beg for food and they even resorted to digging through a trash bin behind a restaurant. They also has to survive by finding shelter , a way to build a fire, and a good paying job. On their way to small town after Howie died, a trucker picked them up, and took them down south to find a job recommended by a waitress from an old diner. Times were though and jobs were hard to find for young boy without a dime to their names.

Conflict & Outcome- Man vs. nature

In No Promises In the Wind, Josh and Joey have to survive by themselves with help from a few people they meet and they to find a job in the south. One night in the carnival nature took its course and one of the tents set on fire, and before Josh even knew his job was in ashes. Luckely Joey managed to saved Howie's banjo and a few personal belongings before it was too late. They soon left and headed back to Nebraska to find Lonnie and hopefully stay with him. The two boys hitch many rides going north and many of them actually want to talk to them.

contrasts between characters

Everyday Josh and Joey try to survive in the Great Depression, they need to find shelter warpth and something to eat. Josh and Joey have many differences, like, Joey is kind and helps people , while Josh just wants to keep Joey and himself alive.You can tell Joey is compassionate and kind because he spent 10 cents on milk for a cat that lived on the streets. Also, Josh is very musical, while Joey can strum a few cords on Howie's banjo.

character remarks and actions

As times got worse, Josh results to some crazy things to survive in the Great Depression. Once he had to find food out of the garbage. Of corse he could bare to let Joey watch him do so or even know. While he was going through restaurant garbages Joey found a nice spot for tim to sleep for the night.