Sports Teams For Kids

By: Emily Rangel P2

I Remember it like it was Yesterday!

I remember like it was just yesterday. I walked into the gym in fourth grade. I had played basketball since I was in first grade my dad and uncle coached our team. But then slowly as we got older all of us went to different leagues. I walked into a whole new gym and m the coach said “girls we have a new player and her name in Emily Rangel.” I remembered everyone was staring at me. But then we started to practiced and then all of us started laughing. And that is what started everything we are now all best friends. We are like the team that a person can’t break apart. No matter if we win or lose we are a team. Every kid should get the opportunity to have a memory or a team that can what my team does. Kids should have sports team to play on. Kids need to learn social skills to being on some sort of team whether it is making new friends, learning team work, or finding better confidence in yourself.

Kids should have Sports Teams to play on!

Children should have sports teams to play on. Kids get to meet other kids their age,maybe they could meet coaches and teammates that they could be lifelong friends with. Not only kids but people could have more confidence when they have friends. Also people could learn to talk and speak out what their thinking. And also the benefits of giving other people the chance to shine. All of this is invaluable when it comes to making friends. These are some of the traits that everyday people have and use to make friends and have better relationships with you friends and coaches or mentors.

Team Work

Team Work

Teamwork is important in sports, people could learn how to work together. People could learn who it helps working together instead of all by themselves. People learn how to be a leader or follow direction better. But kids that are a part of a group that must cooperate to achieve a common goal. As the American Academy of Pediatrics says, sports teach children such skills as following established rules for the sake of everyone. Indeed, these skills will help your child get along with people as she grows older, whether in her personal relationships or those she builds in the workplace.


Confidence is what makes you do and feel better. They have a feeling that the team needs them. Also you and your team believes in you, you think that you can do it. You feel like you are apart of the team when your teammates talk to and and you really bond over the sport that you are playing. The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry suggests that parents be actively involved to ensure that children get the most out of sports participation. That is why all schools should have sports teams for kids to play on.

Sports aren't just Competitive they are fun!

Playing sports is not only to be competitive but for sports to be fun and making new friends and enjoying moments and memories that you make with your friends and families. Experiencing being a part of a team teaches that you can make friends, you can help people. This called team work. You develop the confidence that either you didn't know you had or you discovered even more confidence in yourself. Therefore kids should have sports teams to play on.