Never use drugs

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Drug Abusers

In this paragraph you will learn some ways to keep your family members from being drug abusers.

So many people lose loved ones because they were drug abusers because they committed suicide or died in a car accident. A solution is always be with them to try and stop them from being addicted. Some ways to do that are keep them away from drugs buy medicine to help them and get rid of anything they can use for suicide.

To Much Drinking

There is too much drinking like when people drink and drive and get arrested and charged for DUI means driving under intoxication. And then there's the people who drink too much if they do that then they are going to have some regretful decisions like robbing a store,hurting someone,and assaulting an officer. Finally there is people who drink there life away if someone does not help them they are going to commit suicide or do many stupid things like the ones listed in the second sentence.

Smokers and Nonsmokers

Nonsmokers don't pollute the air and don't get lung cancer.Smokers and nonsmokers both have families.Smokers get lung cancer. may get tongue cancer and it could be possible that they could get mouth cancer.
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abuser: someone who makes excessive use of alcohol or illegal drugs.

DUI: Driving under the influence

5 question quiz

  1. how to stop people from being addicted

  2. why do people sell drugs

  3. do drug sellers know drugs hurt people

  4. how many people in the world do drugs

  5. how many addicted people have lost loved ones

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