The Raft

Destiny McIntosh


Before the plane crashed

Robie was going to get her nose pierced and she asked to mohawk guy to tell her something worse. She said that so she wouldn't think it was that bad. Starbucks was on the first floor of AJ’s apartment building, and every morning, every morning she went down to get a grande vanilla bean frappiccino before she went to the pool and read. She was really careful about putting rubbing alcohol on her nose. She watched the rest of the DVDs from the final season of Battlestar Galactica because they didn't have a lot of TV on mid \way, so she ha to make up for it on Honolulu. AJ had Netflix and she usually went through an entire series or two during her visits. Robie was going to have to stay by herself but she doesn't like being alone. She was looking for dates for the planes because she wanted to go back with her parents.

In the Ocean

Robie's feet were hurting when They hit the water and she started sinking and thought she wouldn't come back up. She was sacred because the plane crashed and she does not like the water. The salt water got in her mouth because she was screaming and had he mouth open.She could see only black and could only feel the shock of cold and wet as she fell farther into the water. She thought she was going to die. She was hoping and hoping she wasn't going to die. Max had gotten a concussion because he got hit in the head. Tears were mixed with the rain on her face and coughs. Robie was mad at Max because he threw her out of the plane. She keeps on asking him that and finally he said would you rather have been in it. Because of the wind the raft was bouncing and turning . They were both shivering because of the water. There was a leak in the raft after about 2 hours, so she used the little yellow cup to get it out. That wasn't working enough so she pushed max out of the raft so it would have less weight on the raft. The raft flipped over because of the wind and they had to swim to get back to it but Robie does not like the ocean.

On the Island

She didn't even know how she made it threw the reef and on onto the island. She thought she was dead. She thought it wasn't real. She kept on talking to Max. She thought he was alive but he wasn't talking back to her. She saved a baby seal and she couldn't save the mom seal. She had to kill the mom seal because it was about to die anyway. Later she told herself that Max was not real and he was dead. But after she felt bad because she doesn't like to be alone. All she had was the seal and her laughter. Robie saw a green light headed for the island. She saw fish swimming around the island. She caught a fish but it was going to be raw. It was either that or starve to death. She was so happy when she saw it because she thought they were coming to rescue her. The only reason they stopped was because they were researchers and they were doing research on the island.


Text to Self

~When that man attacked Robie When me and my sister are playing outside and we see somebody walking around the neighborhood we go inside because we don't know that person.

~And when they wrecked last year I wrecked my four wheeler in the creek.

~And when She was dehydrated there was a girl on my softball team one time and it was really hot at the game and she was dehydrated and passes out.

Text to Text

I have read a book where there was a plane crash

Text to World

I have heard of a plane crash on the news one time