A zombie saw you RUN

By. simon park

Coastal plains

The coastal plains stretches along the Alantic ocean and borders the gulf of mexico. The coastal plains also includes wide lowlands,excellent harbers, and long sandy beaches.

I would rate this region for survival A 9 because you can use the Alantic ocean as a water

source, you can make shelter on the sandy beaches and that way you have access to food.


Rocky Mountains

The rock mountains stretches from Alaska to new mexico. The rocky mountains are younger and taller than the appalachian mountain and are very rugged and pointy and contains the continental divide.I rate this region An 5 because you can build shelter on the

"mtn" and zombies can't climb to you.

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canadian sheild

The Canadian shield surrounds the Hudsin bay and the great lakes. The Canadian shield looks just like a horseshoe and a Shield.The canadian shield also includes hills worn by erosion and hundreds of lakes carved by melted glaciers . The canadian shield also has some the oldest rock formations in north america . I would rate this region for survival a 8 because you can use the old rock formations as shelter and the craved lakes as water source.